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Mediterranean cuisine is the food from the cultures adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. Although this region spans a wide variety of cultures, the historical connections of the region, as well as the impact of the Mediterranean Sea on the region's climate and economy, have led to there being many common elements in the foods.
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  • Eating with John Chow – Olives Atlantis

    … Welcome to the first international edition of Eating with John Chow. This is episode number seven, and it features the cooking wizardry of Todd English’s Olive Mediterranean restaurant. Olives is located in the casino area of the Atlantis Royal Tower. Of all the restaurants at Atlantis, we dined at Olives the most because the location…

    John Chow/ John Chow dot Com- 7 readers -
  • Dot Com Lunch At Todd English’s Olives

    … to be too salty for my taste. I am not sure if it’s just Atlantis, or the Bahamas in general, but fine-dining restaurants are very expensive here. The four dishes we had for lunch came to almost $100 with the auto 15% tip. Good thing I live the Dot Com Lifestyle. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to have $100 lunches everyday. …

    John Chow/ John Chow dot Com- 8 readers -