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  • Copyblogger’s Holiday Buffet Edition

    … Catch up on this week’s content Conventional Writing Wisdom You Can Ignore, Effective Immediately by Sonia Simone Educate to Dominate Your Competition by Brian Clark A Seemingly Minor Fact-Checking Tip that Yields Top-Notch Customer Service by Stefanie Flaxman Why Starting a Membership Site Is a Terrible Idea … Until You Just Do It by Sean Jackson…

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  • Why Starting a Membership Site Is a Terrible Idea … Until You Just Do It

    … Sonia Simone joins our show to walk you through the most important elements of setting up a membership site, today. As we approach the new year, you may be thinking about the changes you want to make to your life. And if you have been following the show, that may mean that you are looking to start — or at least expand — a membership site…

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  • How to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Membership Site

    … Setting up Google Analytics for your membership site can be tricky … unless you know the right way to start. Data analysis is at the core of all online marketing. But how do you get the right data, and more importantly, how do you make sense of it all? On today’s show, we have the queen of data analysis for Rainmaker Digital as our guest…

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  • My Favorite Business Model for a Breakthrough Digital Business

    … interest at all in this model, I recommend you check it out as well. You can just click the button to get registered. Free Webinar: How to Develop an Irresistible Online Course People Will Line Up to Buy (and Then Actually Use) The post My Favorite Business Model for a Breakthrough Digital Business appeared first on Copyblogger. …

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  • How to Start and Grow a Successful Membership Site (In Your Spare Time)

    … Starting a membership site is hard work, especially if you have a full-time job. But with persistence and patience, it can pay off. Our guest, Jerod Morris, shares his tactics and advice for growing a membership site. It was not easy — especially since his membership site competes with numerous online sport sites. But he found his niche…

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  • 4 Creative Models for Finding the Right Niche for Your Online Business

    …? By defining their audiences clearly, focusing their messages and offers, and differentiating themselves. Finding that point of difference. Keep in mind that art education is a nonzero market. In other words, people interested in learning more about art don’t just watch one video, read one ebook, or join one membership site. They tend to immerse…

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  • Why Kajabi is the Perfect Platform to Start/Grow Your Business

    … Nope. Kajabi isn’t a Star Wars character. (Though it certainly sounds like one, don’t you agree? #ObiWanKajabi ) For those who are looking to make boatloads of money by creating membership sites and online courses (among other things); Kajabi is THE way to go. It is the go-to platform that seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs use to power…

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  • Enjoy Responsibly: It’s Grown-Up Week on Copyblogger

    …, the U.S. election — and how the techniques of political persuasion play out in all our lives. And on Wednesday, Sean Jackson put together a very responsible, sensible guide for pricing membership sites. There were numbers and a chart and everything. It was a little bit like doing my taxes. But, you know, making money instead of spending it, so more…

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  • What the Porn Industry Can Teach Us About Running a Membership Site

    … This episode is an insightful look at how to thrive in a hyper-competitive online environment, with lessons from an unconventional industry … Running a membership site can be difficult, especially if you are in a highly competitive space. And this appears to be especially true in online porn. What once was a very lucrative business category…

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  • How to Enhance Your Membership Site With Live Events

    … Live events are a great way to amplify your authority and enhance your membership site, if you know the right way to produce them. Membership sites are about community — creating an online environment for those who share similar interests and passions. But for all their strengths, there’s a layer of abstraction that lacks the personal…

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  • The Secret Tactic All Successful Online Marketers Use

    … to be unique and special. This is why exclusivity is so powerful for online marketers. And online marketers use exclusivity in a number of ways: Membership sites that require you to apply Limitations on the number of people who can purchase an online product or service Special discounts to only certain people in the community The opportunity…

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  • The Inner Makings of a Membership Site Launch, with Stu McLaren

    … In this episode of Youpreneur FM, Chris and Stu go into membership site launches, what kind you should consider using and how to keep your site going. They also dive into the details of launching, managing, and marketing your own membership site. Once you’ve decided to take that next big step and create your own membership site, where do you…

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  • How to Find the Optimal Pricing for Your Membership Site

    Are you struggling to find the right pricing model for your membership site? In this episode, we provide you with a detailed framework to make it an easy decision. Finding this optimal pricing for a membership website can be very difficult. While there are many tactics to improve your pricing strategies, there are not many general frameworks that you can use from the start.

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