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    • If You Could Accomplish One Thing in 2017, What Would It Be?

      If you could accomplish only one thing in 2017, what would it be? Before you answer that question, I’d like for you to let it sink in and really give it some meaningful thought. While you do that, I’m going to explain my process in coming up with my own answer. Ready? Let’s do this! The question you see above is one I asked myself toward the end of 2016, a time when a lot of ...

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    • The Sad Truth about Your Half-Finished Projects

      Here is a common experience: You get incredibly excited about a new business idea or project. Maybe you’ve had it in the back of your head for a long time and something finally clicked inside of you to start working on it. Or, maybe it’s something you just thought of and you want to get it up and running as soon as possible.

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  • The Moment That Defines You as An Entrepreneur

    … There’s a moment in each of our lives that defines who we really are as entrepreneurs. I had a defining moment in my entrepreneurial journey, and so will you. It’s these transformative, life-altering, amazing moments I want to talk about in this post. Ready for it? Let’s do it. Anyone who’s starting something new, like your own business…

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  • My July 2016 Monthly Income Report

    … for six days straight, and guess what? Nothing broke! Not only that, I was able to generate over $15,000 in passive earnings through the various income streams I have (which you can see in the income report below). It was a great reminder about why I do what I do and why this kind of business is, in my opinion, the best. It’s not about building…

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  • How to Not Let Fame & Fortune Go to Your Head

    … No matter what you do—whether you’re an online entrepreneur, author, anything, or anyone—fame and fortune, or just the possibility of fame and fortune, can be a dangerous part of your journey. If we want to be acting with honesty and integrity, this is definitely something we need to be mindful of. Ego is the Enemy In his book, Ego is the Enemy…

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  • Why Podcasting Isn’t as Easy as It Looks – SPI TV Ep. 51

    What I'm sharing with you today is a little embarrassing. I'm revisiting one of my very first attempts at podcasting from back in 2008, as well as all the mistakes—and there are plenty!—I made as a brand-new podcaster. When you're just starting out as a podcaster, there are a daunting number of unknowns: Am I any good at this? Will anyone listen? Will I be able to fill enough e ...

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