• New Resource: Finding Your Next Merchant

      New Resource: Finding Your Next Merchant by Tricia Meyer | Oct 26, 2016 | affiliate marketing, Blogging | As part of its continuing efforts to help affiliates become more successful in the industry, the PMA Publisher Recruitment Council has created a new infographic entitled, Finding Your Next Merchant. The guide follows the first resource in the series, Signing Up with An Affiliate Program.

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  • New Resource: Finding Your Next Merchant

    … Managers You can download the entire guide for free today! Finding Your Next Merchant was sponsored by the Publisher Toolkit, Powered by FMTC. FMTC’s Merchant Hub is one way affiliates can discover, research, and connect with thousands of affiliate programs free of charge in one easy-to-use application. Thanks to the following members of the Council…

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  • Can Social Logins Help Online Retailers Fight Fraud? (Report)

    … merchants surveyed already use social data in their review processes. However, much of this involves ad-hoc or manual processes. 52 percent said they were ready to make better use of the data but lacked the knowledge to do so. Social logins help automate the identity service somewhat, and 35 percent of respondents already use social as part…

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  • Does Rich Snippets Work on Affiliate Sites?

    … According to Google, Rich Snippets for Products are supported only for merchants, those who actually offer product purchase on page, means you can purchase the reviewed product on page. But, all other sites that promote a product or has affiliation with the merchant aren’t supported by Rich Snippets reviews is not supported on sites that doesn’t…

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