Metro is a free newspaper published in tabloid format in the United Kingdom by DMG Media (part of Daily Mail and General Trust). It is distributed from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) on many public-transport services in selected urban centres across the United Kingdom, and at other outlets such as cafes, workplaces, bus stops, etc. Distributors have also been employed to hand out copies to pedestrians.
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  • How UK publishers keep comment threads civil

    Community managers have the unenviable task of policing publishers’ comments sections that can often turn vitriolic. Terms like “flaming,” “griefing,” “trolling” and even Godwin’s Law (the amount of time it takes for a conversation to bring up a mention of Hitler) have all entered the lexicon in recent years and, therefore, reflect how widespread the problem is.

    Chris Smith/ Digiday- 3 readers -
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