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  • 5 Social Media Content Formats Your Business Needs

    … and drive time. Requires good production quality. Actionable social media content format tips to improve audio use: Create an audio logo to makes your audio content recognizable. Add audio content to your blog to expand your regular columns. 5. Social Media Content Format: Presentations Presentations are often talks without the talk track. Think…

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  • Social Media Blogging: 4 Reasons Your CMO Needs

    …. Business Many marketers underestimate the importance of optimizing their social media blogging to drive business. Answer ALL of your customer questions. (Hat tip: Marcus Sheridan) This answer generated $2 million in sales. Link to your product and offering where appropriate. Unlike most social media, blogs yield sales. Establish thought…

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  • Orphan Content: Is Your Budget Going Down The Toilet?

    … content Unlike re-envisioning or curating your existing content, repackaging your content takes your existing information and transforms it into something new. It usually involves combining a number of pieces of content and adding new text and images. It’s best used for ebooks and presentations. For example, when he was at SAP, Micheal Brenner took…

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  • 2016 Content Marketing Plan For Success

    …. 90% of marketing collateral is never used by sales! A salesperson spends 30 hours/month or roughly 1 day/week to create sales content. This reduces selling time and increases inconsistent content marketing. Salespeople only spend 2 out of every 5 work hours selling. There’s a huge opportunity to increase productivity. Marcus Sheridan recommends…

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  • Brands Share Their Most Hair-Raising Content Marketing Horror Stories

    … of Halloween, we asked marketing superstars from 3M, NewsCred and Content Marketing Institute to share their most harrowing tales of content marketing gone wrong. Prepare to be edified and terrified with these 3 hair-raising content marketing horror stories. Michael Brenner Head of Strategy, NewsCred My personal content marketing horror story…

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  • Improve Your Content Marketing To Drive Performance

    … as well. Velocity’s Doug Kessler stated it well, “We should care more about our prospect’s long term success rather than long term revenue.” Be a storyteller. As the Heath brothers point out in Made To Stick, people remember stories. Memorable content is a story that’s free of promotion. “Nurture your creativity” proclaimed John Cleese. Find…

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  • Michael Brenner’s Tips, Tools, and Templates to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy #CMWorld

    … inspired, and start spreading your own #ContentLove. Gain a competitive advantage by subscribing to the TopRank® Online Marketing Newsletter. © Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®, 2015. | Michael Brenner’s Tips, Tools, and Templates to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy #CMWorld | http://www.toprankblog.com The post Michael Brenner’s Tips, Tools, and Templates to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy #CMWorld appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®. …

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  • The Midwest’s Best: CMI Presents Content Marketing World

    … organizations, content marketing is still believed to be a fad, hobby or something that isn’t of critical importance in the enterprise. In this interactive session, hear from experts that have “been there, done that” and give you tangible examples and ideas for how to get proper buy-in for content marketing in your organization. Michael Brenner Developing…

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  • Social Media: Professional VS Personal

    … significant other. People will wonder whose hand is there. In addition to your avatar, consider how the background image you select represents your personal brand. David Berkowitz and Peter Shankman are among the proudest dads I know. They both include photographs of their daughters on Twitter. Please note: I asked Michael Brenner, David Berkowitz…

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  • What Did You Do To Get Better Today

    Success isn't owned. It's leased. And rent is due every single day. If you're not consistently improving your game, someone else is. So, if you want to be the best, you need to work on it every day. That's because someone else will always be trying to take away whatever you have built for yourself.

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