• 3 Ways to Make Your Content Snackable

    … Published 5 days ago 0 When it comes to content, the question that most marketers always come back to is how to keep users engaged: Should your team dazzle customers with videos? How long should quality articles be? What will customers really get out of this? Will they keep coming back for more? As marketers think about these questions…

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  • How to Drive Traffic and Leads with Microcontent

    … no longer practical. Here are some smart micro content strategies suggested by Orange Digital to incorporate into your marketing campaigns to reach your goals faster. Focus on your target audience. Satisfying the basic needs of your target audience should be your primary focus. Getting to know and understanding your audience is crucial to your overall…

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  • 4 Steps to Create Share-Worthy Content for Social Media

    … Content Marketing, Micro-Content, Owned Media, Shared Media, Social Promotion When developing a content marketing strategy, one of the most crucial aspects of the plan is content for social media marketing. When content is created, it is usually produced with hopes of being shared across the Web – not just through internal marketing campaigns…

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  • 7 Types of Content You Still Aren’t Creating But Should Be

    … Content Marketing, Infographics, Long Form Content, Micro-Content, Owned Media, Shared Media You can certainly create a killer blog post or an amazing article as the cornerstone of your content. But it’s more efficient and effective in the long term (and often times required for larger organizations) to take a broader view – to create content…

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  • Content Promotion: Your Link Is Not Enough

    …, or Instagram. The language you use should also cater to your audience. While Twitter is limited to only a headline and link, more verbose posts get more attention on Google Plus. By preparing additional micro-content in advance, and making it fit the style of each of your social outposts, you’ll increase the likelihood that people will pay attention…

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  • Overcome Short Attention Spans with Micro-Content

    What can your advertising do in 10 seconds? Not a whole lot, you might think. But in a study from University of Hamburg and University of Hannover researchers proved that over 50 percent of Internet users stay on a webpage for less than 10 seconds. Accordingly, advertisers are now focusing on micro-content – clever, persuasive, and concise messages to target an audience with ba ...

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  • The Top 5 Ways Brands Use Social Video

    … Micro-content is now an essential part of any social media strategy. Brands have experimented with short-form content for some time now, but with a variety of social networks becoming dependent on this type of content, the appetite has never been greater. Take a gander at our marketer’s guide to micro-content ebook to learn more. There are many…

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