• 3 Ways to Make Your Content Snackable

    …, it has changed the way we communicate. Being forced down to 140 characters has taught us to condense what we need to say into a short, concise main idea. Gone are long Internet ramblings, at least on Twitter. Messages are now about essence, not verbosity, and you should approach your content in the same way. That’s not to say that long-form content…

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  • How to Drive Traffic and Leads with Microcontent

    … Whether it’s one powerful message, image, or a 10-second video, microcontent is a kind of short-based communication that’s optimized and specially designed for social media to fight information overload. Essentially, microcontent is any published or public content that’s delivered in small bites. The primary goal is to capture the attention…

    ReveNewsin Social How To's- 10 readers -
  • 4 Steps to Create Share-Worthy Content for Social Media

    …. Learn What Interests Your Audience People use social media networks to express who they are, connect with others and build their personal brand. As such, the content people share on social networks should give you a clue as to what is important to them. Unfortunately, most people are not going to be extremely passionate about the product you’re…

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  • 7 Types of Content You Still Aren’t Creating But Should Be

    …, consider the article you are reading right now. These types of posts and articles are perfect for building your authority and demonstrating that you are an expert in the field. Top Lists can be great tools for reaching your content marketing goals for a variety of reasons: Lists are skim-able: Readers can easily browse the piece and still obtain…

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  • Content Promotion: Your Link Is Not Enough

    …, or Instagram. The language you use should also cater to your audience. While Twitter is limited to only a headline and link, more verbose posts get more attention on Google Plus. By preparing additional micro-content in advance, and making it fit the style of each of your social outposts, you’ll increase the likelihood that people will pay attention…

    Anton Rius/ Relevancein Social Content- 12 readers -
  • The Top 5 Ways Brands Use Social Video

    … Micro-content is now an essential part of any social media strategy. Brands have experimented with short-form content for some time now, but with a variety of social networks becoming dependent on this type of content, the appetite has never been greater. Take a gander at our marketer’s guide to micro-content ebook to learn more. There are many…

    Stephanie Castillo/ Visual.lyin Social Content- 2 readers -
  • Content Marketing Beyond Blog Posts And Whitepapers: Get Creative!

    … with how they create, distribute and track their content's success. That's leading to more long-form videos as well as more interesting trends, which we'll explore further here — micro-content and interactive apps. As marketers, we don't have a lot of time to grab a user's attention. In fact, a recent study from University of Hamburg and the University…

    Tal Siach/ Marketing Landin Content- 25 readers -
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