• The Most-Popular Instagram Video Creators: January 2016 Leaderboard

    … With around 400 million active monthly users, 75% of which are based outside the U.S., Instagram continues to be one of the most important social platforms for video publication and distribution. In this post, we highlight the big success stories in the January 2016 Tubular Video Creator Rankings for Instagram, and confirm the most watched…

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  • Is Vine Worth the Time for Branded Video Content?

    …. Those individuals will have spent a considerable amount of time building their core following, and are highly invested in creating the type of video content that resonates with their fans. A relatively new medium like micro-video, and free-to-upload platforms like Vine, have given these creators a powerful voice, and brands are learning that they can…

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  • How-to Post an Pre-recorded, Edited Video to Instagram

    … One limitation for video uploads to Instagram is that editing the video content on your phone prior to loading it is usually a bit of a pain. There are some programs that can help you but nothing that replaces an NLE (non-linear editing system). This can lead to some frustration, but if you were to edit your video footage on a computer prior…

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  • Micro-Video Marketing Strategies for Brands on Vine & Instagram

    … In a very short space of time, micro, or short-form video content has become a vital marketing vehicle for many top brands and creators. At ReelSummit 2014, we put together a stellar panel to analyse the current trends for micro-video and which direction it may be heading in. The panel, moderated by CJ Bruce of , featured superstar…

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  • 5 Ways You Should Be Using Vine for Video Marketing

    … Thanks to smartphones, the average person today has the attention span of - oh look, a squirrel! Consumers' attention is fragmented across multiple screens and platforms, so marketers are in a kind of arms race to keep up, establishing footholds wherever they can. Vine, Twitter's 6-second video application, has proved enormously popular. Savvy…

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  • Best Branded Vines of the Week: 6th August 2014

    …. In such a short ad everything added must have a purpose. While it certainly made me laugh, the second Vine on our list this week may have sent the wrong message. It is intended to reminder viewers to replace their razors, hopefully with a Dollar Shave Club razor. In fact the first thing I did when watching this was cringe. The mere thought…

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  • Best Branded Vines of the Week: 31st July 2014

    … As I learned at the Reel Video Summit this year, good video marketing is all about evoking the right kind of emotion, but more important than that, doing so while maintaining focus on the goal at hand. A good campaign that does both will not only garner the views, but will use those views to drive sales or some other KPI. Here are five Vines…

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  • 2014 Reel Video Summit Features Experts, Gurus and Brands, Oh My!

    … from Ogilvy, Seventeen Magazine, Mekanism, Sharethrough, and Swirl. There's also a closing keynote entitled, "Is Your Company's Culture Killing your Video Marketing Potential," which features speakers from Grainger and Cisco. There's also something new on the agenda called "Grill the Gurus," which features a different format. "Grill the Gurus…

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  • Best Branded Vines of the Week: 16th July 2014

    … Vines where they display a cool special effect, using the phone as a prop. What's special about this Vine isn't necessarily the content, although it does leave me looking around for a full length video to see what else is going on. The best thing about this Vine is that it demonstrates the importance of working with big names on the platform you…

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  • Best Branded Vines of the Week: Now With Vine Loops!

    … Welcome to the best Vine videos of the past week - now with a little added extra. Vine has updated its site to include information about how many times each individual Vine has been played, or looped as they call it. Loop counts highlight the amount of times a Vine has been viewed in full, on Vine and on embeds (like those below). There are more…

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  • Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 30th June 2014

    Football was the theme of the two most popular branded Instagram videos of the past week, attracting over 270,000 likes between them. NatGeo brought us some beautiful slo-mo footage from the streets of Brazil, while FC Barcelona celebrated the life and times of Argentine superstar Lionel Messi. Samsung make two appearances, for the GalaxyS5 and for its super-fridge.

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