A micropayment is a financial transaction involving a very small sum of money and usually one that occurs online. PayPal defines a micropayment as a transaction of less than 12 USD while Visa prefers transactions under 20 Australian dollars, and while micropayments were originally envisioned to involve much smaller sums of money, practical systems to allow transactions of less than 1 USD have seen little success.One problem that has prevented the emergence of micropayment systems is a need to keep costs for individual transactions low, which is impractical when transacting such small sums even if the transaction fee is just a few cents.
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  • Micropayments – The Future of the Internet?

    …. The term that describes this best is ‘micropayments’. As it says in the name, this is when a web user pays a micro sum of money to get access to something online, such as an article for $0.10 or a small fee to watch a video clip once etc. The question is if micropayments are becoming to become the future of the internet because if it is, we…

    Will Green/ ppc.orgin Paid Search- 13 readers -
  • The Business Model That Will ‘Save’ Journalism

    Advertising, wearables, Oculus, Bitcoin, Snapchat, and sponsored content won’t save Journalism with a capital J. But lateral thinking and a little treeplanting might. I’m not worried about the death of content. The Internet is made of the stuff. Nothing captures the human mind and attention like a great story, and I believe nothing ever will. It’s in our biology.

    Shane Snow/ The Content Strategist- 26 readers -
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