Microsoft: Bing Mobile

  • Bing Rolls Out New Updates For Its iPhone App

    … Bing has released new updates for its iPhone app, adding a Bing Translator button, as well as including Bing’s image of the day and trending stories to the Today screen. With this release, we were able to take advantage of the extensibility possible in iOS8 making it easier to extend the reach and functionality of Bing on iPhone.Bing Search…

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  • Bing App Linking For Windows & Windows Phone Devices

    …, if the user has your Windows app installed and they are searching in Bing and find content that matches your app, the click may take them into your app, as opposed to a web site. Here is a screen shot of the user behavior from a Windows device and a Windows phone device, respectively. A Microsoft representative told us: Bing App Linking is a great way…

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  • Bing Mobile Domain Returns Service Unavailable 503 Error

    …? works nicely on my iPhone, but that is the responsive design, which Bing may be migrating to completely? Why hasn't Bing then redirected Maybe it was an oversight? The Bing Mobile 503 error just started recently. If you search for [Bing Mobile] in Google or Bing, both search engines return the URL in the top position: We have reached out to Microsoft for a comment on this. Get the best search news, tips and resources, delivered each day. …

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  • Microsoft Translation In Real-Time Over Skype

    … Last night at the Re/Code Conference, Microsoft demoed real-time translation over Skype. Imagine talking to someone over a video call, they spoke a completely different language than you did, but the technology did real time translation as you spoke. Microsoft has a beta they demonstrated last night at the conference. Gurdeep Pall, Corporate…

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  • Bing Launches On Firefox OS, Does It Matter?

    … Bing has launched an app for the Firefox Marketplace. As pointed out by The Next Web, Google doesn't yet have an official app there. Firefox OS is a mobile operating system "built entirely using open web standards" (HTML5). It's both an effort to reinvigorate the mobile web and keep Firefox from falling into total mobile irrelevance. The first…

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