Mid-Funnel Content

  • Everything You Need to Know About B2B Mid-Funnel Content

    … on that investment is falling short. To echo the great words of Joseph Tribbiani, “You’re wasting good pastrami!“—and dropping the meat. What is Mid-Funnel Content? Mid-funnel content bridges this gap between initial intrigue (top-funnel) and the final sale (bottom-funnel). It is the beef of the conversion funnel that holds together its outer compadres…

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  • Everything You Need to Know About B2B Mid-Funnel Content

    … statistics that drive our industry. Inbound marketing gets 54 percent more leads into the sales funnel than traditional marketing, and, accordingly, 78 percent of CMOs see custom content as the future of marketing. This year, nearly a quarter of organizations designated over half of their marketing budget to content. Only 6 percent of B2B marketers…

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  • Bullseye: The 5 Rings of Content Marketing ROI

    The central difficulty in calculating content marketing ROI is this: the easiest part to prove (direct revenue) is also the smallest piece of content’s value. It’s like the bullseye at the center of a dartboard, the tip of the iceberg, the low-hanging fruit, or any other tortured metaphor you’d like to use: easy to see, but only a piece of the story.

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