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  • Earned Social Media Shares Trump Owned: What You Need To Know

    … media guidelines in place and distribute your content across your organization. Participate on social media after publishing content. The Social Media Hat’s Mike Alton spends time on social media answering comments and social shares for his megacontent. Social Media Examiner contributors respond to comments for the first few days after posts…

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  • 2017 Facebook: Is Your Business Missing Out?

    … of content and a revenue generator. Currently Facebook enables people and location search. Google dominates the search realm. From an advertising basis, 2016 was the year that digital display advertising passed search advertising according to eMarketer forecasts. From a competitive perspective, this is a major issue for Facebook that doesn’t produce…

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  • Blog Community: 5 Types of People Your Blog Needs

    … a spouse or child can help you with your editorial or other skills, your blog buddy should be another blogger. They understand what you’re going through. Even better, they don’t bring the other baggage involved in your non-blog relationship. Social media divas Peg Fitzpatrick and Rebekah Radice are blog buddies. They support each other’s blogs…

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