Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.
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    • Millennials Aren’t Shopping on Social Media (Infographic)

      Marketers and retailers have been trying to push social commerce on social media users. Many see it as the next wave for social marketing, as it allows connection with customers, increased opportunities for conversion and instant purchases. However, millennials–whose buying power is expected to reach $200 billion by 2017–aren’t biting.

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    • Connecting With Gen Z: A Playbook for Digital Marketers

      The digital marketing world is fixated on millennials, but the next generation of consumers is coming of age. Generation Z, also known as “post-millennials,” commonly refers to the cohort of individuals born after 1996. Barely out of high school, Gen Zs already have about $44 billion in spending power.

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    • Trust in Social Media Security Is at an All-Time Low (Infographic)

      In our ongoing coverage of security topics for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s important to recognize that all parties play an important role in security infrastructure. Businesses need to provide adequate solutions and people need to utilize the solutions provided. Unfortunately, according to a recent infographic, user confidence in the security infrastructures provided ...

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  • Why the Twitter-NFL Deal Is a Hail Mary That Will Work

    …. In that case, this deal came just in time to shore up viewership among millennial and Generation Z cord-cutters. Advertisers get into the game Advertisers still love the NFL for its ability to deliver large audiences in an age of media fragmentation, but linear TV is still based on an antiquated model of demographic targeting. Opening up…

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  • Nielsen Social Content Ratings: NBC’s This Is Us Ruled Premiere Week

    The debut of NBC series This Is Us sparked the most total interactions on Facebook and Twitter during premiere week, Sept. 19 through 25, according to Nielsen Social Content Ratings. Nielsen said it measured some 83.2 million total social TV interactions on Facebook and Twitter related to sports, series and specials during premiere week, with a daily average of 11.

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  • What Makes a Great Influencer Post?

    … with the content. As long as the content is valuable, useful or entertaining audiences don’t care if it’s sponsored. In fact, millennials–a very hard-to-reach target–not only don’t care, but according to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015, 20 percent said it had a positive effect on their view of the brand. It starts with a terrific…

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  • How To Create A Snapchat Ad

    … In the past few years, Snapchat has grown its following to over a 100 million worldwide with over 10 billion videos being watched per day. With such an overwhelming amount of followers on this app daily, it is to surprise that companies and advertisers are flocking to Snapchat to advertise to their target markets. Millennials currently…

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  • The Fusion of Social and Programmatic

    … an incredible 163 percent worldwide since 2013, further illustrating the advantages of being able to reach broad and niche audiences from millennials to baby boomers around key moments that matter in a highly personal and sharable digital environment. The growing interest in social from brands has fueled innovation in advertising and put technology front…

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  • Millennials something Snapchat something something

    … Skeptical Millennials (defined as ages 18-34) are a notoriously hard-to-reach demographic for marketers. But a new social media outlet can help – Snapchat. For experienced marketers unfamiliar with Snapchat, it’s like direct mail, in that you can send messages to potential customers with images. But it’s like weird direct mail that disappears…

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  • Why Stories Are a Losing Battle in Instagram’s War with Snapchat

    … You probably heard the opening shots of what’s sure to be a grueling war between social media titans Instagram and Snapchat. In August, Instagram debuted Stories, a feature that allows users to take and post photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours. Users can add text, draw and insert emojis into their pics. If that sounds familiar…

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  • Why Hashtags Matter for Today’s Brands

    … The hashtag frenzy continues with no sign of abatement, from the mom posting those adorable pictures of the kids, to the millennial sharing every second and aspect of his or her daily life, to the small or large business trying to connect with new or existing audiences. Rarely is a photo, comment, opinion, quip, response, etc. posted on any…

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  • 8 Reasons Why Consumers Will Watch and Engage With Your Video

    … In June 2015, Verizon Communications Inc. completed its acquisition of AOL for $4.4 billion in cash. And in July 2016, Verizon Communications Inc. announced its plans to acquire Yahoo! Inc. for approximately $4.8 billion in cash. In Q1 2017, Yahoo! will be integrated with AOL, creating one of the largest portfolios of owned and partnered global…

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  • [Infographic]: Millennials + Email, By the Numbers

    …: millennials (and just about everyone else) are constantly on the move these days, and email provide an easy way to stay connected. That’s probably why 49.3% of them say they love that they can check email whenever they want! Check out the full results of BrightWave’s study in the infographic below. This infographic was originally posted on BrightWave. Learn more here. …

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  • Snapchat Ad Revenue to Reach $935 Million in 2017 (Report)

    … revenue by 2018, led by countries including the U.K. eMarketer principal analyst Cathy Boyle said in the release: Advertisers are attracted to Snapchat for its broad reach among young millennials and those in Generation Z, which are valuable demographic groups for many businesses. To engage those often hard-to-reach consumers, Snapchat has…

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  • The Impact of Instagram Stories on Influencer Marketing

    … filters, ephemeral nature and adult-proof user experience, it has become the app of choice for millennials and Generation Z. The majority of its users are under 24, and this is its heartland. And it’s hard to imagine those Snapchatters fleeing the platform simply because Instagram now has the same feature. So don’t expect Instagram Stories to actively…

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