Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.
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  • Every Generation Z Takeover Story You’ll Be Reading for the Next 10 Years

    … When he was only 14 years old, Duncan Mitchell dropped out of middle school after watching an inspirational episode of Billions on Showtime. “I knew then that there was something more for me,” said Mitchell, now 16 and the CEO of a professional virtual-reality fidget-spinning league. “People in my generation, all they wanna do is dab on some…

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  • Carpool Karaoke: From Snackable Content to Viral Phenomenon

    … and the Beast’ is a Disney movie that plays to both the 13-17 demographic and Millennials who are nostalgic for the animated classic from the early 1990s. So combining the movie elements with a video type that’s been proven to work online is a surefire way to fin success with ‘The Late Late Show’s’ social media audience. James Corden: Key to Engagement…

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  • Targeting generational buzzwords like “Millennials” means targeting no-one

    … an accurate, universally applicable statement about that many people, defined solely by a 20+ year age range based on the year they were born. There’s no rigorous methodology behind generational branding Even if I wanted to take generational branding seriously, it’s in my opinion not good social science. “Baby Boomers” (18 year cohort) are defined…

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  • Teenagers Can’t Get Enough Mobile Video

    …-subscription platforms like Netflix. Television, at 8.2 hours per week, now sits in third. “While millennials were mobile pioneers, teens are mobile natives,” Google writes in the study. Unlike previous generations that had to learn how to use new digital products later in life, advanced technology has been embedded in teenagers’ lives since birth. Today’s…

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  • Contently Case Studies Flipbook: The Finance Industry

    … Finance companies have to navigate an unusual dynamic: People struggle with personal finance, but most of them don’t trust the finance industry. How can brands bridge that gap and connect with consumers? A recent Contently survey on millennials and finance found that 30 percent of the young GIF-lovers did not trust finance companies, while 43…

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  • Facebook Users Find Video 5x More Engaging Than Images

    …% of participants claiming they had increased their video viewing over the last 12 months. Facebook IQ discovered other metrics higher than the UK respondents: UAE citizens were 1.40x more likely to watch video on a smartphone than on a computer at least once a day 77% of respondents preferred videos under ten minutes, with 67% of millennials claim it’s easier…

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  • Understanding Generational Social Media Preferences

    … in 10 Gen Xers will likely purchase something from a brand they follow 64.7% of Gen Xers use Facebook regularly Gen Xers are twice as likely to follow a brand on social as Baby Boomers are The Sprout report is chockful of stats on Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. I’ll unpack the most important stats here to underscore…

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