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FtsZ is a protein encoded by the ftsZ gene that assembles into a ring at the future site of the septum of bacterial cell division. This is a prokaryotic homologue to the eukaryotic protein tubulin. FtsZ has been named after "Filamenting temperature-sensitive mutant Z". The hypothesis was that cell division mutants of E. coli would grow as filaments due to the inability of the daughter cells to separate from one another.
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  • Maximum Minimum System – Get Quick Results With Rippln

    … with those folks first. Just start the conversation the same way and you are off and Rippln again! Any people you can’t get hold of, cancel the invite and issue them to the people you are speaking to. Adriano & Hezi discussing the “Max/Min System” In a live Google Hangout with Rippln CEO Brian Underwood! Watch the hangout we explain the Maximum Minimum System: Not in Rippln?! . …

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