• Study Finds: “Law of Attraction” is as Real as Gravity

    … to fly. Well, the Law of Attraction is similar. All along, it’s been a force in your life. So why do so many people struggle to attract money? Struggle to bring abundance and happiness into their lives, when the Law of Attraction is all around them? Joe Vitale explains in the video below: The fact is, if the Law of Attraction works all the time…

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  • The Scientific Way To Be “Lucky”

    …The Scientific Way To Be “Lucky” Some people seem “lucky.” They start a home business, for example, and all the dominoes just kind of fall right into place for them. Money pours in. Leads eagerly buy from them. And they become very wealthy very quickly. Most people just chalk that up to luck. Me? I know better than that. You make your own…

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  • How to Master Your Finances in 3 Simple Steps

    …How to Master Your Finances in 3 Simple Steps. You are a super powerful manifesting machine. Whatever thoughts your mind is perpetually entertaining, your body ends up attracting that similar type of situation into your life. If you think a thousand positive abundant thoughts in a row that are filled with gratitude, ease and excitement about your…

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