Minimum Viable Product

In product development, the minimum viable product (MVP) is a strategy used for fast and quantitative market testing of a product or product feature. The term was coined by Frank Robinson and popularized by Eric Ries for web applications.It may also involve carrying out market analysis beforehand.
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  • How to Escape Hustle Mode

    … tied to a service. Demand for the product keeps going up and revenue keeps increasing, but things start to slowly go wrong. Maybe you can't keep up with customer support, maybe technical issues prop up and take way too long to fix, maybe the quality of your content starts to suffer (e.g. for memberships or information products). The more demand…

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  • What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

    … a small launch for it. Now, what if you do all this and get virtually no result? What if no one buys your minimum viable product, no one signs up to your launch list and you get no feedback from the market? Is it time to give up or are there other options? Discover the answer in today's podcast episode...​ More... Podcast Audio Click here to download…

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  • What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

    … In previous posts & podcast episodes, we've talked a lot about minimum viable products, getting businesses off the ground on a shoestring budget and the value of releasing rapidly. If you follow the advice you find here, you'll soon find yourself with a product or service ready to present to the world and perhaps you even orchestrate a small…

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  • How to Escape Hustle Mode

    … In the last post, I introduced the concept of Hustle Mode - a state of extreme focus that is necessary to get a new business off the ground quickly. As was correctly pointed out by several commenters, while Hustle Mode is a great way to make a business successful, it's not a great way to live. If you're in Hustle Mode, your health, social life…

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  • Deception, Disappointment & Minimum Viable Products – IMP#35

    … In previous posts, we’ve covered the importance of launching your business by creating a minimum viable product – the smallest possible version of your product idea that you can release and get a real-world response to. Personally, I swear by this approach and related concepts like the lean startup method and rapid implementation. But what…

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  • 3 “Lean Startup” Hacks to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

    … designed to eliminate waste and increase value during the product development phase. In the startup community, and at Hootsuite, these have become virtual commandments: Lean startup hack #1 The spaghetti principle: Understanding minimum viable product Central to lean startup philosophy is the premise that it’s OK to release a work in progress…

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  • Time Inc. taps into its inner Silicon Valley

    … and Food & Wine. Heery, who implemented this “minimum viable product” approach at his last post, at Time Inc. subsidiary Time Inc. UK, has four digital product experts who work with another 15 people at the individual lifestyle magazine brands to develop new products in two-week cycles. The first to roll off the assembly line is Cooking Light…

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  • Looking Back at 2014: Power Curves, Teamwork & Mindset Changes

    … of the year – and how it cost us a product launch and possibly 6 figures in revenue. The 2-person combo that we’ve applied to software development and that has been the driver of a lot of our success. Why I’ve become obsessed with the idea of rapid implementation – and how you can apply it to every aspect of your business (and life) to get better results. I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. …

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  • How to Create a Minimum Viable Information Product

    … they are small in scope and cover a very narrow topic. And they were both created and released very quickly. These are the two major aspects that make an MVP work. The Pricing Question Both of these examples are free products. Does that mean your information MVP has to be a free product? No. I could easily charge a small amount for these products and I’m…

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  • Ask Me (Almost) Anything

    … useful to you. How do you do that? Let’s look at these 3 examples: The first was a question submitted in a comment, that can be summarized as follows: “How can I create a minimum viable product of an information product? I can see how you can release an ‘incomplete’ software product as a beta, but doesn’t an incomplete information product lose…

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  • Is Your MVP a Minimum Viable Channel?

    … You have a minimum viable product, something that the market is excited about. What now? Perry Evans, CEO of Closely, encourages company founders to celebrate for a hot minute, then dig in because you are not done. “You don’t have a business until you’ve owned, lived, and tested your market model,” the former head of MapQuest, Jabber…

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  • Why You Should Publish Crappy Landing Pages

    …. Read the excellent book, The Lean Startup. Publish crappy (or even really good) landing pages really quickly with Thrive Landing Pages. Thoughts or questions about this video? Let me know by leaving a comment below! …

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