• 11 Reasons People Bounce from Your Blog and Never Return

      You know what? You work damn hard to get people to your blog. Pushing yourself to unearth the best ideas, pouring your soul into your writing, and promoting your posts like your next breath depends on it. So it’s a real kick in the teeth when visitors arrive — then bounce right away again. In fact, it stings like hell.

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  • Why Failing to Fact-Check Could Ruin Your Content Marketing

    ….” With more than a decade of experience working in newsrooms and managing editorial teams, Kurtz looks at the content marketing process through a similar mindset. “It’s helpful to establish research guidelines in advance,” he explained. “It can be tough to correct for mistakes once the bus is running.” Brands can institute standards with a style…

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  • 7 Cruel Ways Writers Torture Themselves

    … Seriously, what is it with writers? You’d think they actually enjoy pain and misery. After all, writing is hard enough without inventing new ways to make yourself suffer. But suffer they do. Perhaps it’s the image of the writer as a tormented artist, or a form of occupational masochism, but something seems to make writers seek out pain…

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  • Top 10 Rookie Website Mistakes

    … are not a professional designer. If you are like most of us that rely on our websites to drive traffic, then you need your site to work well. One way to help ensure website success is by avoiding common pitfalls. I frequently write for HostGator, which provides web hosting for small businesses all over the world. Having supported a global consumer…

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  • 7 Gaps to Fix in Your Content Marketing Strategy

    … If you are just starting out with content marketing, chances are that you will make every mistake in the book – and you will probably write a few pages of that book yourself. But not to worry – making mistakes is normal and expected because that is how we learn. Making the same mistakes over and over, however, is not something you want to do…

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  • Native Advertising Mistakes You Might be Making According to 14 Insiders

    … Native advertising is not a new concept. From the first advertisement including long-form copy in the early 1900s, to TV informercials introduced in the 1980s, consumers are used to seeing sponsored content. However, digital native advertising as we know it today dates back only to 2011. With $21 billion estimated to be spent on native…

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  • 21 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your First E-book

    … to the same mistakes that sabotage the attempts of so many other bloggers? Three Rock-Solid Reasons to Write Your First E-book Before looking at our list of mistakes, let’s take a quick look at why writing an e-book is not just attractive to many bloggers, but also a smart move. 1) A Valuable E-book is a Powerful Sign-up Incentive for New Subscribers Does…

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  • 5 Myths of Traffic Generation That Seriously Need to Die

    …, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat — the list is already long as hell, and it’s getting longer all the time. So, what do most people do? A little bit of everything. They divide their time between a bunch of different platforms, and they never get anywhere. It’s a mistake. Instead of dividing your time between a bunch of different…

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  • 7 Warning Signs Your Free WordPress Theme is Sabotaging Your Blog

    … You know exactly how it happened. When you set up your blog, you installed a free WordPress theme and told yourself it was “just until you have a few readers.” You had every intention of upgrading to a premium theme down the line. But months or even years later, you’re still cruising along on a freebie theme. Of course, upgrading it is still…

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  • An Open Letter to Bloggers Struggling to Get More Traffic

    … It hurts me to write this. For years, I’ve been “the traffic guy.” Not only because I’m good at getting it, but because it’s the question on the top of every blogger’s mind: “How do I get more traffic to my blog?” To some degree, this entire site is an answer to that question. You’ll learn more about getting blog traffic here than maybe…

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  • 3 Questions Your Blog Must Answer or Be Doomed to Wither and Die

    … You’re doing everything you’ve been told. You’re publishing great content, you’re staying on top of SEO, and you’re all over social media. You even keep in contact with other bloggers in the hope they’ll get behind your blog. But your readership still isn’t where you want it to be. And your dream of working from home, reaching financial…

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  • 7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering from Small List Syndrome

    … a tiny email list or even none at all. It’s like a sickness, quietly devouring their traffic, revenue, and engagement until there’s nothing left. And the scary part? There’s a good chance you’ve caught the sickness too. After all, just how much focus are you giving your email list? Just a little? None at all? That’s bad news, my friend. Ill…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads

    …. The Cryptic Subhead. The other side of the subhead blunder coin is trying so hard to be creative and grab attention that you create something that is more confusing than compelling. These cryptic subheads can be a turnoff and lead to a bounce just as easily as the other two mistakes. Your subhead should be a phrase that is crystal clear, but makes readers…

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  • Real-Life Bloopers: Examples of Bad Storytelling

    … prepare your audience.” Don’t Brag About Your Trophies One of my most favorite bloopers is from an episode of “Million Dollar Listings – Los Angeles”. The pair of British real estate agents committed one of the biggest mistakes in storytelling and that is taking the self-centered, inside-out approach. They had hoped to impress a prospect…

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