• 5 Social Media Mistakes You Need to Drop in 2018

      by Robert Clough Don't let a bad tweet destroy your business online. Here are five of the biggest social media mistakes to avoid in the new year. Research shows that almost 80% of American adults now use at least one social media account. This makes social media a powerful tool for marketers to use to build trust and relationships with their potential customer base.

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  • 5 Rookie Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid.

    … is to drive people to your website, then use the traffic objective. If your goal is to gather email addresses, then use the lead generation objective. 2. Not Using Custom Audiences When you set up your first ad, after selecting your objective you’ll see something like this: This is where you target Facebook users. It is very tempting to target…

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  • 5 CRO Mistakes That Need to Be Fixed!

    … for the company or not. For example, you make your products free, then obviously, your conversion rate would increase to extreme heights, but the company would not be making any profit, would they? The conversion rate would not always tell you if the company is doing much better or not. #3. Not Understanding the Statistics One of the biggest mistakes you…

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  • New Podcast Episode! Reflecting On Our Business Mistakes

    … been. On this episode, Bob Glazer and Matt Wool, two of AP’s fearless leaders, transparently reflect on a few business mistakes they’ve made over the years, what they did to adjust, and how they moved forward. As you’ll discover when listening to this episode, they use mistakes and problems as opportunities to get better, which is actually…

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  • 7 Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Often Make

    … make a lot of mistakes as they transition to a more digitally focused marketing plan. Internet marketing company, fishbat, lists seven marketing mistakes that B2B companies often make. Failing to use analytics to refine marketing strategies, content, and platform dissemination. Whether investing in a paid analytic program or utilizing free analytics…

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  • Minor SEO Errors That You May Be Making!

    … I still can’t believe it’s already 2017 when it feels like only a few days ago that it was 2016. *Ba-dum-tss* okay, no more puns, I promise. Anyway, SEO is something that I’ve loved doing for a long time now. We’ve discussed many topics over the past couple of years and so, I’d like to take a step back and talk about something a little more…

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  • Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Automation

    … mistakes that derail their marketing campaign. If you are planning to use Marketing Automation for your firm, avoid these mistakes to increase your chances of success with the latest marketing technology: Purchasing the Wrong Marketing Automation Platform Unlike other marketing technology platforms such as email marketing or social media tools, marketing…

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  • 5 Things to Do If You Want to Fail at Online Business

    … Strange feeling, isn’t it? Both exciting and terrifying at the same time. But that’s what it’s like, starting an online business. On the one hand, you know you were meant to do more with your life than being stuck in a job you hate. On the other, starting a new business is risky — and the thought of failing and crawling to your boss to beg…

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  • Why Most Businesses Get Crappy Results from Content Marketing

    … Let’s start with a simple question… How, exactly, does content marketing make money? Because that’s the end goal, right? You’re not hunched over your keyboard, racking your brain for attention-grabbing ideas because you enjoy it. You expect to get clients, sales, or some other tangible result for your business. Maybe not today, maybe…

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  • Why Failing to Fact-Check Could Ruin Your Content Marketing

    … My name is Cara, and I’m a recovering fact-checker. After more than a decade as a freelance researcher at publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Bon Appétit, I process information through a skeptic’s eye. Whether it’s fine print on a Dr. Bronner’s soap label, a recipe, or an Instagram caption, I question the accuracy of everything I read…

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  • 7 Cruel Ways Writers Torture Themselves

    … Seriously, what is it with writers? You’d think they actually enjoy pain and misery. After all, writing is hard enough without inventing new ways to make yourself suffer. But suffer they do. Perhaps it’s the image of the writer as a tormented artist, or a form of occupational masochism, but something seems to make writers seek out pain. Maybe…

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  • Top 10 Rookie Website Mistakes

    … No matter what type of business you operate, having an online presence is vital to your company. Having your own company website is very important, but if you have built it yourself, then chances are you have made some common mistakes. These days creating a website is easier than ever, but there are still some issues that can come up if you…

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