• 5 CRO Mistakes That Need to Be Fixed!

      Much like your link building campaign or the process of your keyword research, CRO should also be on the top list of your priorities. Without the proper enactment of CRO into your SEO, your rate of converting visitors into customers would be mediocre – to say the least. So, this only highlights the importance of CRO for every business or brand that has an online presence.

      SEO Hacker Blog- 12 readers -
  • New Podcast Episode! Reflecting On Our Business Mistakes

    … been. On this episode, Bob Glazer and Matt Wool, two of AP’s fearless leaders, transparently reflect on a few business mistakes they’ve made over the years, what they did to adjust, and how they moved forward. As you’ll discover when listening to this episode, they use mistakes and problems as opportunities to get better, which is actually…

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  • 7 Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Often Make

    … 7 Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Often Make Guides: How Do I? By Pace Lattin 2017-04-12 B2B companies must leverage the power of social media marketing to reach their audience and generate leads effectively. However, many companies that typically have worked in traditional marketing mediums or have not spent a lot of time on marketing can…

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Social- 12 readers -
  • Minor SEO Errors That You May Be Making!

    … basic: Mistakes. I know what you’re thinking: Why the heck should we cover mistakes when we’re already so far ahead? My friends, that’s exactly why we should take a step back, breathe and admire the work that we’ve done so far and look at the possible mistakes that you may be doing. It will only take a couple of hours or so to check but believe me…

    SEO Hacker Blogin SEO- 18 readers -
  • Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Automation

    … mistakes that derail their marketing campaign. If you are planning to use Marketing Automation for your firm, avoid these mistakes to increase your chances of success with the latest marketing technology: Purchasing the Wrong Marketing Automation Platform Unlike other marketing technology platforms such as email marketing or social media tools, marketing…

    Marketing Technology Blogin EMail- 27 readers -
  • 5 Things to Do If You Want to Fail at Online Business

    … entrepreneurship. And you’re right. But ironically, it’s our fear of failure that drives us to make some pretty silly mistakes. In a mad dash to take action, make progress, and draw ourselves closer to the finish line, we forget, overlook, or flat-out ignore vital steps in the business building process. Well, the good news is that many of the most…

    Boost Blog Traffic- 5 readers -
  • 11 Reasons People Bounce from Your Blog and Never Return

    … one of the most common mistakes of beginning bloggers? Lack of focus. They struggle to commit to a single topic (worrying “What if I choose the wrong one?”), so they hedge their bets and write about several loosely connected topics. But that approach sends a mixed message about who your blog is really for, and makes for a very bouncy blog…

    Glen Long/ Boost Blog Traffic- 23 readers -
  • Why Most Businesses Get Crappy Results from Content Marketing

    … Let’s start with a simple question… How, exactly, does content marketing make money? Because that’s the end goal, right? You’re not hunched over your keyboard, racking your brain for attention-grabbing ideas because you enjoy it. You expect to get clients, sales, or some other tangible result for your business. Maybe not today, maybe…

    Jon Morrow/ Boost Blog Trafficin Content- 35 readers -
  • Why Failing to Fact-Check Could Ruin Your Content Marketing

    …, an individual who owns a well-defined task is more likely to take pride in it and be accountable. Think of a fact-checker as your designated driver, greatly increasing the likelihood that you’ll arrive safely at your final destination. By adding fact-checking to your workflow, you reduce your company’s risk of publishing inaccuracies that could…

    The Content Strategistin Content- 12 readers -
  • 7 Cruel Ways Writers Torture Themselves

    … Seriously, what is it with writers? You’d think they actually enjoy pain and misery. After all, writing is hard enough without inventing new ways to make yourself suffer. But suffer they do. Perhaps it’s the image of the writer as a tormented artist, or a form of occupational masochism, but something seems to make writers seek out pain. Maybe…

    Glen Long/ Boost Blog Traffic- 31 readers -
  • Top 10 Rookie Website Mistakes

    … and have one professionally designed. Your logo represents your company so you always want to look your best. A bad looking logo, on the other hand, can turn people away from your website and not do business with you. 2. You Try to Follow the Trends Just like everything in life, website trends come and go. When you build a website around these new…

    Famous Bloggers- 16 readers -
  • 7 Gaps to Fix in Your Content Marketing Strategy

    … If you are just starting out with content marketing, chances are that you will make every mistake in the book – and you will probably write a few pages of that book yourself. But not to worry – making mistakes is normal and expected because that is how we learn. Making the same mistakes over and over, however, is not something you want to do…

    Relevance- 18 readers -
  • Native Advertising Mistakes You Might be Making According to 14 Insiders

    … advertising by 2018, marketers can’t afford to misstep. Luckily, we can look to groundbreakers in the industry and learn from their experience. Relevance reached out to 14 active and well-respected professionals in the native advertising world and asked them: “What are some native advertising mistakes marketers are committing?” Here’s what they had to say…

    Relevance- 39 readers -
  • 21 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your First E-book

    … they’re beginners or more experienced, and what specific questions they need your help to answer.) #3: Thinking Like a Writer, Not a Publisher Planning isn’t just about deciding what you’re going to write and what order you’re going to write it in. Because when you decide to create an e-book, you’re not just a writer; you’re also a publisher…

    Ali Luke/ Boost Blog Traffic- 31 readers -
  • 5 Myths of Traffic Generation That Seriously Need to Die

    … imaginable niche, and I’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. And lots of the advice out there… it just doesn’t work. In particular, five myths really bother me. If you’re struggling to increase your traffic, chances are it’s because you’ve bought into one of these myths. Let’s jump in… Myth #1: Blogging Is a Great Way to Get Free Traffic…

    Jon Morrow/ Boost Blog Traffic- 23 readers -
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