A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that surrounds a castle, other building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defence. In some places moats evolved into more extensive water defences, including natural or artificial lakes, dams and sluices. In later periods the moat or water defences may be largely ornamental.
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    • Video Measurement Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It

      In Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel The Sign of Four, Sherlock Holmes says one of his most iconic witticisms, “I never guess. It is a shocking habit—destructive to the logical faculty.” Luckily for Holmes, he never worked in marketing. The famous detective may have had brilliant deductive powers, but even he would’ve struggled to make sense of today’s digital video landscape.

      Jordan Teicher/ The Content Strategistin Social How To's- 18 readers -
  • Facebook Under Fire: Do Marketers Care?

    … months. Programs like this drive additional transparency and will push Facebook to identify and solve delivery problems as they arise. Ryan Pitylak is the co-founder and CEO of social and search advertising agency Unique Influence, part of MDC Media Partners. …

    AllTwitterin Social Facebook- 17 readers -
  • Signal for Facebook and Instagram: This Week in Social Media

    … cool social media tools worth checking out: Google Primer App: This new app from Google offers a fast, easy way to learn new marketing skills in bite-sized lessons. Primer gives marketers “lessons to do whenever you have 5 minutes free.” SumoRank: This new Facebook tool from BuzzSumo analyzes what content performs best on any Facebook page…

    Cindy King/ Social Media Examinerin Social- 32 readers -
  • Around the Room: Content Marketers’ Biggest Challenges

    … it fit with PR, how is it distinctive, and how do you get existing marketing departments to support that integration within the enterprise?” Andrew Dent, CEO and Publisher at Family Traveller: “Finding great coders, great tech, driving traffic to the site and keeping cool ideas in front of clients for content, which is why I’m here.” Eliot…

    Aliza Gans/ The Content Strategistin Content- 17 readers -
  • What Top Brand Publishers Look For in Freelancers

    … a bunch of different voices. A writer that has our voice is critical—intelligent with a little hint of snark.” On designers: Aniq Rahman, President of Moat: “The first thing is portfolio. If I see the portfolio and if I can get a recommendation, that’s also really key, because I want to make sure they’re easy to work with, that they meet…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategistin Content- 7 readers -
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