Mobile (/moʊˈbiːl/ moh-BEEL) is the county seat of Mobile County, Alabama. The population within the city limits was 195,111 as of the 2010 United States Census, making it the third most populous city in the U.S. state of Alabama, the most populous in Mobile County, and the largest municipality on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans, Louisiana, and St. Petersburg, Florida.Alabama's only saltwater port, Mobile is located at the head of the Mobile Bay and the north-central Gulf Coast.
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    • The 5 best tools to develop a mobile-first SEO strategy

      Search marketers rely on tools to make sense of what it is a very complex, fluid environment. With the increasing importance of mobile, the list of tools grows even longer. Which platforms should search marketers use to devise a mobile-first SEO strategy? While we await the launch of Google’s mobile-first index, search marketers are aiming to capitalize on the growing quantity ...

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    • Website Development: Why Your Site Needs To Be Responsive

      In today’s World, people have access to more information than ever before and it’s all because of the Internet. But, people are no longer just searching the web on a desktop - they are using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. Do you know what that means? It means that your website will be viewed from all different mediums and therefore you need to ensure that th ...

      ROI Factor Blog- 14 readers -
  • New Guide to AMP with Brand Case Studies

    … Read my new study titled: The Argument for AMP: Lessons from 10 Case Studies. In it, you’ll see what I learned from talking with 10 companies that implemented AMP on most or all of their site pages to try to improve their performance in Google search for mobile users. I also handcrafted AMP versions of many of the AMP pages for this blog, just…

    Eric Enge/ Stone Temple Consulting- 10 readers -
  • 4 Quick Steps to Create Your Mobile App Strategy

    … October 5, 2017 There are several questions I get asked when advertisers or businesses are thinking about starting new mobile app campaigns. Just like paid search, it’s important to start your campaigns with a goal in order to measure value and success. Creating your mobile app strategy can be overwhelming. However, these 4 steps should help…

    PPC Heroin Social Paid Search- 13 readers -
  • Google Testing “Instant” Tag for AMP in Search Results

    … Jennifer Slegg is a longtime speaker and expert in search engine marketing, working in the industry for almost 20 years. When she isn't sitting at her desk writing and working, she can be found grabbing a latte at her local Starbucks or planning her next trip to Disneyland.She regularly speaks at Pubcon, SMX, State of Search, Brighton SEO…

    Jennifer Slegg/ The SEM Postin SEO Google- 10 readers -
  • Tech and Brand Partnerships Point to a New Future of Mobile Shopping

    … In the future, partnerships between brands, tech companies, and marketers will enable a massive shift in payments and change how shoppers access the goods they want. So said Mike Jaconi, CEO and co-founder of deep-linking software company Button, during Ibotta’s Mobile Innovation Summit last week, maintaining that U.S. commerce is not primed…

    Street Fight- 16 readers -
  • How does Bing’s voice search compare to Google’s?

    … and into Microsoft’s Edge internet browser. That provides access to over half a billion users, once we factor in Microsoft’s Xbox gaming consoles. Cortana has a multitude of uses. It helps users navigate the Windows interface and can respond to a multitude of wider queries, powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine, for example. Of course, mobile is a core…

    Search Engine Watchin How To's- 18 readers -
  • How To Setup An Apple Search Ads Campaign

    … September 20, 2017 Since launching in October 2016, Apple Search Ads has become a huge force in the app download world. Apple Search Ads ranks directly behind Facebook and AdWords in total non-gaming app downloads. In April, Apple Search expanded into three new English speaking storefronts: United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Within…

    PPC Hero- 11 readers -
  • Google Indexes AMP Version for Mobile First When No Regular Mobile Page

    … At Brighton SEO, I asked for clarification on an issue that has had mixed responses – whether sites that are using AMP as their only mobile version of a site – would see their desktop or their mobile indexed when Google switches to mobile first indexing. I raised the question with Gary Illyes from Google, […] The post Google Indexes AMP Version for Mobile First When No Regular Mobile Page appeared first on The SEM Post. …

    Jennifer Slegg/ The SEM Postin SEO Google- 10 readers -
  • How to move from m-dot URLs to responsive site

    … With more sites moving towards responsive web design, many webmasters have questions about migrating from separate mobile URLs, also frequently known as "m-dot URLs", to using responsive web design. Here are some recommendations on how to move from separate urls to one responsive URL in a way that gives your sites the best chance of performing…

    Google Webmaster Central Blogin How To's- 18 readers -
  • Designing a resort’s website that encourages consumers to stay a while

    …Azul Beach Resorts is a family of four high-end Caribbean destinations under the Karisma Hotels & Resorts umbrella. However, Azul Beach Resorts lacked a web identity of its own and instead lived within the Karisma website, among the nine other Karisma luxury hotel families. After completing a rebranding exercise, Starmark recommended a stand…

    Starmark- 13 readers -
  • 3 Essential Advertising Strategies for Merry Mobile Holiday Shopping

    … mobile holiday shopping season. 1. Video As audiences increasingly rely on mobile devices, some ad units are better suited for reaching them on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Video ads in particular are ideal for catching the eyes of mobile users. In fact, a study from Facebook found that 30% of mobile shoppers say video…

    Nanigansin Retargeting- 14 readers -
  • What is Google Stamp and what will it mean for marketers?

    … AMP, from the Google-led Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative. That quite succinctly sums up the purpose of Stamp: it will be a publishing platform that allow brands to tell stories in a new fashion, optimized for mobile. It seems that after a reported bid of $30 billion dollars to buy Snapchat was rejected in 2016, Google has decided instead…

    Search Engine Watchin Social Google- 14 readers -
  • Taking the Pulse of the Location Data Ecosystem

    … Companies selling location and proximity data and services themselves concede that it’s a pretty small market, but that location data is an increasingly critical signal for a variety of marketing, operations, and product features well beyond mobile advertising. Street Fight surveys confirm that location data is attracting lots of interest from…

    Street Fightin Social Mobile- 15 readers -
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