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  • Setting Up and Analyzing Universal App Campaigns

    …, it’s important to compare Universal App Campaigns vs Mobile App Install Campaigns. In order to achieve this, we’ll discuss the fundamental differences, walk through a brief launch guide, and conclude with a performance review. What is a Universal App Campaign? A Universal App Campaign, or UAC, is a campaign type that integrates machine learning…

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  • Step Up Your Apple Search Ads Performance

    … their seasonality, our max bids weren’t cutting it. Our traffic volume and installs were suffering. With the help of our Apple representatives, we tested a +500% CPT increase on our brand and non-brand campaigns. Since Apple ads is based on a second tiered pricing model, we didn’t pay more than past CPC’s averages. 2. Test different CPA goals In another…

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  • 4 Quick Steps to Create Your Mobile App Strategy

    … October 5, 2017 There are several questions I get asked when advertisers or businesses are thinking about starting new mobile app campaigns. Just like paid search, it’s important to start your campaigns with a goal in order to measure value and success. Creating your mobile app strategy can be overwhelming. However, these 4 steps should help…

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  • The Great Rollover: Google Pushes Universal App Campaigns

    … on multiple channels. This article will give you a rundown of how UACs work, what you can expect with the change, and some projections on what all this could mean for the future of app install campaigns and Google ads in general. How do Universal App Campaigns Work? UACs rolled out two years ago for Google Play,, YouTube, and the Google…

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  • Ads in Mobile Apps: Not Just For Other Mobile Apps

    …. Typically in my display efforts, I purposely avoid in-app placements, but testing a targeted and deliberate approach could yield some interesting results for your campaigns. The beauty in all of this is that in mobile apps, don’t have to just be for other apps, although that is an option. Why not show workout enthusiasts using exercise apps ads…

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  • 5 Great Ideas To Promote Your Information Product In The Smartphone Age

    … Do people still buy information products in this smartphone age, just like the old days? Are information products still profitable in this age? The answer is yes. For as long as people are still going to the internet to seek for information, and for as long as people are still reading books on their devices, information products will always…

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  • Will Native-Social Ads Dominate Mobile?

    … Snap Inc.’s successful public market debut last week answered lots of questions and investor uncertainty, at least for now. One thing it clarified for me is native-social advertising’s staying power. After Facebook’s success with News Feed Ads, the format now has its second public torch bearer. This is validating because I recently projected…

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  • ETAs Ruined My Ad Tests (& How We Can Overcome This)

    … October 18, 2016 The release of expanded text ads rocked the world of Google PPC in early 2016. And shortly thereafter Bing joined in on the fun, bringing expanded text ads to so many of us in the PPC world. But some of us got screwed. That’s right, some of us have a bone to pick with these magnanimous platforms that, yes, provided us…

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  • Adblock Plus gets into the ad business with launch of RTB platform

    … Adblock Plus, one of the most popular ad blocking add-ons for browsers, is getting into the ad business with the launch of a new marketplace that allows publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ads that are not subject to ad blocking. The marketplace is an extension of Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads initiative, which was launched in 2011…

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  • Bing news update: three latest developments

    … This is available to US-based advertisers right now, with international roll-out coming in the next few weeks. Bulk editing is coming to the Bing Ads You can now manage multiple campaigns at the same time with the introduction of bulk editing on mobile apps. According to Bing, “Previously, you were limited to pausing only one campaign or keyword…

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  • 5 Self-Serve Platforms for Location-Based Mobile Campaigns

    … Eighty-five percent of marketers expect spending on location-based mobile ads to increase in the coming year, and 59% say they use mobile location marketing right now. As these types of targeted campaigns become more commonplace and the barriers to entry decrease, marketers will get more comfortable using the technology and self-service…

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  • Mobile marketers are missing out on hyperlocal: report

    … Despite the opportunity to target customers based on their locations, just 22% of marketers agree that they are exploiting hyperlocal advertising to its full potential. It works too, so many advertisers are missing out on one of the best tactics to use. This is one of the findings from our State of Mobile Advertising 2016 report, produced…

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