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    • How to Polish Mobile App Store Product Pages in Pre-launch

      Pre-launch phase is one of the most critical periods in the lifecycle of an app. Publishers have to deal with myriads of tasks which put their time management and priority setting skills to the test. However, an overwhelming majority of app marketers fail to realize that skillful A/B testing can smooth things down for them and assist in various pre-launch tasks.

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  • 5 Design Elements that Work Well for Mobile Conversion

    …, do your best to get creative. For example, if you are selling an eBook to help makers generate revenue on Etsy, you might want to show high-res close-ups of artists and their crafts. Think outside the box and explore what other business owners are doing in your industry. Landing Pages That Encourage Scrolling When a visitor comes to your website…

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  • Templates For Every Text Message You Might Need for Your Business

    … phone kiosks. Polo Ralph Lauren puts text message marketing to action with its first to know approach. Customers who sign up for Polo On the Go special offers can also opt in to find out about sales and new arrivals. Chances are the mall itself uses text message marketing to communicate similar special offers and let customers know about events…

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  • A 5-Step Plan to Optimize Your Checkout for Shoppers.

    … According to Statista, in 2016, 177.4 million people used mobile devices to shop, research and browse products. This figure is predicted to reach almost 200 million by 2018. And a new report conducted by Addressy cited that cart abandonment has reached a median rate of 66% in the US. Online retailers who don’t offer a great mobile experience…

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  • What Technology Has Been Eliminated with Smartphones?

    … We’re coming up on the 10th birthday of the iPhone, launched June 29th, 2007. Like any convincing psychopath, smartphones are able to put on a likable front. They are friendly, helpful and seem like they wouldn’t hurt a fly. All the while they are sadistic killers who smother alarm clocks in their sleep and make sure your GPS system is never…

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  • Introducing Creative Factory: Mobile Ads Just Got A Lot Easier

    … Mobile advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing and most challenging sectors of the global marketing economy. According to the ad-buying agency Magna, digital advertising will surpass traditional TV advertising this year (thanks largely to mobile advertising). By 2021, mobile advertising will have increased to $215 billion, or 72…

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  • 14 Factors Impacting Your Website Load Speed

    … down the page the images are loaded once they need to become visible rather than all at once. Lazy loading can speed up your website load speed significantly. Hosted Libraries – Sites like Google are now hosting shared libraries for common JavaScript libraries and fonts. Because browsers cache these resources, even if the visitor is arriving…

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  • 60+ Sites to Discover or Promote Startups, Apps or Tools

    … Quite a few people wonder how we’re able to find such a wide array of marketing technology platforms and tools out there that they hadn’t heard of yet, or that may even be beta. Aside from alerts we have set up, there are some great resources out there for finding tools. I was recently sharing my list with Matthew Gonzales at Echo Rank and he…

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  • The Impact of Micro-Moments on the Consumer Journey

    … very new the idea of micro-moments is in the digital marketing world. Think with Google leads the charge on researching the ways smartphone technology revolutionizes the digital marketing space. Do a cursory google search on micro-moments, and you’ll find that they occur when people reflexively: Turn to a device – increasingly a smartphone…

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