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    • The Key to Better Mobile Search Marketing Results: 10 Quick Tips

      When any business starts this adventure we call “marketing”, they have to cover the basics before doing anything else. They need to define: Who is my target audience? What is their pain? How do I solve that pain? But once you’ve established who your audience is and how you can help, you then need to determine how to effectively deliver your messaging to that target audience.

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  • Setting Up Apple Search Ads (for AdWords Experts)

    … Previously, Boost Media shared an overview of Apple Search Ads vs. AdWords to help search marketers understand the new app advertising platform. Now, it’s time to delve deeper into the nuances to help you set up and manage your first Apple Search Ads campaign. Apple Search Ads features and functionality Here are some of the nuances associated…

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  • Making Better Apps With Apple Search Ads Data

    … marketing mix; provided a quickstart guide to Apple Search Ads for AdWords experts; and shared tips for mobile app marketers on how to influence the ad creative of Apple Search Ads. The app development status quo Current developer tools like iTunes Connect and App Analytics offer little insight into who’s downloading apps and why. Third-party tools like…

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  • Creative for Apple Search Ads

    … Continuing our coverage of Apple’s recently released mobile app advertising platform, Boost Media covers ideas on how to optimize Apple Search Ads when you can’t directly influence the ad creative. The first week, we shared ideas on incorporating Apple Search Ads into your marketing mix; last week, we provided a quickstart guide for AdWords…

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  • Apple Search Ads for AdWords Experts

    … Last week, Boost Media outlined ideas on incorporating Apple Search Ads into your marketing mix. This week, we share tips to help you quickly transfer your AdWords SEM expertise to understanding Apple Search Ads. To keep it simple, we’ll compare Apple Search Ads and AdWords to see what’s the same and what’s different. Apple Search Ads vs. AdWords…

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  • Apple Search Ads: Adding Them to Your Mobile App Marketing Mix

    … In June 2016, Apple released a beta version of its new Search Ads platform to promote mobile app downloads. On October 5th, Search Ads were released to all advertisers. Early adopters are seeing excellent results with very low competition and CPTs (cost-per-taps). Boost Media shares ideas on integrating Apple Search Ads into your overall mobile…

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  • Insert: Codeless Mobile App Engagement Features

    … Insert is a platform that provides mobile app developers with a wide array of engagement features that can be easily inserted, updated, and managed. Their array of features are built for marketers and product teams to personalize the user journey, trigger anytime, increase engagement, and measure and analyze the app’s performance. The apps…

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  • YouTube Mobile App Marketing

    … Google video ads. What are the app advertising options through YouTube and Google video ads? Beyond YouTube Ads, Google offers a few other video advertising options for mobile app marketers, all of which are managed through AdWords. The terminology can be confusing, so let’s walk through each option. Universal app campaign. This is a semi…

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  • How to Calculate the Lifetime Value of Your Mobile App User

    … or often CLTV), lifetime customer value (LCV), or life-time value (LTV) is the calculated profit that a customer will provide your company. LTV is not limited to a transaction or annual amount, it includes the profit achieved for the duration of your relationship with the customer. What’s the formula to calculate LTV? Where: LTV = Lifetime…

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  • What Apple Search Ads Mean for Mobile Advertisers

    … Today, Apple iAds are officially disbanded, paving the way for the soon-to-be-released Apple Search Ads for the App Store. At this point, you may be wondering why the technology giant is doing this now, and what it might mean for mobile advertisers. Boost Media shares its perspective on this upcoming change. Why Apple Search Ads and why now…

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  • 6 Workouts To Strengthen Your Mobile Strategy

    … that will help your projects get back into shape and strengthen your mobile marketing strategy. If you are dedicated, you’ll be faster than your competitors and you’ll become more flexible for future developments. 1. Tone up your mobile site After the recent Google search algorithm changes, it is clear that a great desktop site has less and less…

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  • 3 App Marketing Tips From The Developer of Trivia Crack

    … Etermaxfounder and CEO Max Cavazzani certainly knows a thing or two about building and marketing successful apps. After all, his company’s app Trivia Crack has been one of the most popular in app stores, shattering records by holding the number one position for 60 consecutive days. So how can app developers create their own global sensation…

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  • How to Market Your Mobile App

    … to dominate the mobile market. Implement the suggestions within the infographic of Guide to Promote Your Mobile App to realize your app’s success. Mofluid develops the most popular Magento Mobile App extension and put together this advice on marketing your mobile application. Before you ever even begin designing and developing your mobile app…

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  • 3 Takeaways From Forrester’s State Of Mobile Apps For Retailers Report

    … As shopping becomes an increasingly mobile activity, there’s one question on many online retailers’ minds: To make an app or not to make an app? Luckily, a new report from RetailMeNot and Forrester provides insight into when and why retail apps apps are used, how frequently consumers use them, and what makes these apps successful. Here are just…

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