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Mobile banking is a system that allows customers of a financial institution to conduct a number of financial transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile phone or personal digital assistant.Mobile banking differs from mobile payments, which involve the use of a mobile device to pay for goods or services either at the point of sale or remotely, analogously to the use of a debit or credit card to effect an EFTPOS payment.The earliest mobile banking services were offered over SMS, a service known as SMS banking.
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  • How TD uses voice to bring a retail experience to digital banking

    … is implementing voice recognition technology at its customer call center. “One of the largest irritants our customers had was with authentication and having to answer all those questions we had to ask them in order to verify they were who they said they were,” said Robert Ghazal, TD’s head of U.S. contact centers. The technology, branded as TD VoicePrint…

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  • Bank bots, move over: BNP Paribas is putting human advice before robots

    …-worth clients brought to the mobile device. It might seem a little behind the times, but banks generally don’t apply new technologies to old services overnight, and that sort of caution is particularly applicable to BNP. The new offering from BNP, called myAdvisor, offers message-based financial advice through the bank’s mobile app, based…

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  • Why ‘challenger banks’ haven’t taken off in the U.S.

    … largely distrusting of startups when it comes to handing over all their deposits, and digital banks are waiting for that doubt to wear away, said banking and payments consultant Faisal Khan. Customers responded well to startups that give them convenience by connecting to their existing bank accounts, like Venmo for easy peer-to-peer payments or Moven…

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  • Why banking’s ‘omnichannel’ dreams haven’t become reality

    … end of their banking portals – the parts that interact with customers. Some might say they’ve over-invested in that experiences when they should be pouring more into the middle- and back-end – the areas that actually connect with other experiences, other parts of the business and improve seemingly boring efficiencies that actually make a world…

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  • The Rise of Mobile Banking

    … the only young consumer looking to escape the in-person process for the ease of mobile banking. According to a January 2017 Salesforce study, 31 percent of millennials use mobile as their primary banking option, nearly double any other channel. Millennials aren’t the only generation choosing to automate their finances. Fifty-one percent of Gen X…

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