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  • 4 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Cut Out for Mobile

    …, especially if 18- to 24-year-olds are a target market for your products or services. 2. You Didn’t Design Content for Mobile When mobile devices first grew in popularity, businesses scrambled to make their existing sites fit into smaller screens. Some marketers steered clients toward microsites, which satisfied the demand for mobile content while also…

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  • Five Reasons to Adopt a Mobile-First Web Strategy

    … Published 1 min ago 33 As the time we spend on the web increasingly shifts away from desktops and laptops to mobile devices, the need has grown for business owners, publishers and marketers to consider adopting a mobile-first strategy. We’ve been hearing the term “mobile-first” a lot over the last couple of years, typically…

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  • 3 Things Your 2016 Content Strategy Needs

    … There are only 90 days left until 2016. Let that sink in for a moment—I’ll wait. It seems that each year passes faster than the last, and each day a new content marketing best practice, channel or technique pops up. How can we possibly keep pace? Realistically, we can’t. Not truly. There are just too many things to learn, because content…

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  • How Apple AdBlock is Disrupting Marketing Impact

    … for sure what will happen. What this means is it may take longer to reach the same mobile impression rate as before. There may be fewer clicks (or in this case, taps), but smart agencies will push the quality of their content and will make better ads to still achieve and surpass any brand’s goals. The most important question brands should…

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  • How Full-Service Restaurants Can Develop Effective Mobile Content

    … your content and delivery to appeal to users on all devices, you can create a more effective digital presence that reaches your target audience in less time with fewer resources. Develop your mobile content strategy by leveraging the tips below. Understand Audience Behavior The way users access the web has changed. Today, users have more options…

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  • Investing in Mobile Content Strategy: Time and Money Well Spent

    … of that time spent web browsing. Smartphone users, however, spend less time overall on one site and instead tend to consume their content in short bursts. Why is this? In general, mobile users tend use their devices while they are on the go so they don’t want to spend a lot of time researching or trying to find information. The longer it takes…

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