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    • How to Take Advantage of Gmail’s Support for Responsive Email Design

      If you’ve been opening emails in your Gmail account on your mobile device, chances are your experience has been kind of “meh.” We’re talking tiny CTAs, hard-to-read text and wonky-looking images. But all of that is about to change. Gmail recently announced that they will (finally!) support responsive email design. This is a big deal for email marketers, designers and developers everywhere.

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  • Are Millennials Within Your Email Reach? Definitely.

    … question for today is: can your email marketing successfully engage them? Three factors allow us to answer that question with a confident “yes”: Recent research indicates continuing reliance on email by young people Email is now ubiquitous on mobile devices Email has evolved beyond static content delivery to a live data experience, which can…

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  • 3 Ways to Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

    … We’ve all been there: you’re checking your email on the go, and open one from a brand you like. Except you have to scroll all the way to the right to read the entirety of the email. Delete. Why is it such a big deal? The number of people who access their emails on mobile has risen more than 500% since 2011, and mobile is now the number one way…

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  • Top 2015 Email Marketing Stats: What We’ve Learned

    …% of shoppers would rather consult their mobile device than talk to an in-store employee. -eMarketer and Consumer Electronics Association, 2015 At the beginning of the year, we said that 2015 would be the tipping point for mobile conversions—and we were right. In every state, mobile accounted for the most opens. Conversions via mobile rose across…

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    … word that applies to the way Americans communicate with each other and the handheld way in which they interact with the world today. How do people read email? The sheer gravity of mobile digital influence shifted so much in so short a time it feels almost tectonic. With so many American consumers interacting with their email on mobile devices…

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  • [WATCH] This GIF Shows Mobile Email’s 2014 Takeover, State-By-State

    Sometimes, when you do research and you notice something that’s really striking, you just have to GIF it. This is one of those moments. We’ve been researching how US consumers use their mobile phones when it comes to emails since early 2013 and just completed our latest US Consumer Device Preference Report for Q4 2014.

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  • [RESEARCH] Mobile Email Opens Hit an All-Time High in Q4 2014

    … The endless march of mobile kept going right through the rest of 2014. According to our latest research, email opens on smartphones in the US are now at an all-time high. Not only that, the states that favor the desktop for email over mobile devices has dropped to nine, down from eleven compared to our Q3 2014 research. About 50% of email…

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  • How Google Inbox Could Save Mobile Email Clickthrough Rates

    …. And, as marketers are starting to find out, email marketing campaigns are often the first to go. Sure, open rates on mobile devices are spiking. Recent research from Epsilon shows that mobile open rates grew by 6.5% from the past year. But clickthrough rates are falling. Epsilon found that there was a dip of 0.5% in clickthrough rates (dropping from 4.5% to 4…

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  • 2014 Marketing Stats from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    … Perhaps one of the biggest highlights coming out of 2014 is that companies are beginning to look at lot closer at the customer journey. How are your products being discovered online? How are you leading the prospect from discovery through to conversion? And even more importantly, what are you doing to ensure you retain and build more valuable…

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  • 5 Email Mobile Trends You Need to Take Into Consideration

    One of the things that we often do is pay attention to a comparison of our traffic and open rates from the same period last month or the same period last year. Checking your own metrics and seeing how well you’re performing is important – but you also have to adjust for how consumers are changing. Mobile is one of those areas where you have to pay attention since the numbers ar ...

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  • Successful Mobile Advertising Strategies and Optimization

    … a mobile user – from ads, to social ads, to email and more. Putting together a comprehensive mobile ad strategy requires quite a bit of work but can reap incredible results. Thanks to the growing mobile market and its inherit demand for responsive design, optimizing your advertising for your target audience is easier than ever, because users have…

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  • Making the Switch to Mobile: 3 Small Business Success Stories

    … With mobile popularity on the rise, more and more people are stepping away from their traditional computers and turning to their phones to surf the web, update social media, and check emails. Consider this statistic: more than half of all emails are now opened on a mobile device. This is why it’s so important to design emails that look great…

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