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  • 10 Consumer Trends in 2017… With A Warning!

    … Analyst Katie Young In the 60-page report, GlobalWebIndex CEO Tom Smith writes about six core trends that define this era – and the expert analysts identify 10 key trends to watch in 2017: Mobile-First – A “mobile-first landscape” is fast approaching, with brands that fail to prioritize mobile running the risk of missing key opportunities…

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  • Pro Tips for Growing your Mobile Ranking Significantly

    The best part about SEO is also its worst part. SEO specialists are almost always going in blind especially when Google releases an algorithm update or two. However, let’s focus on the more optimistic part and talk about how we can go about this, specifically with growing your mobile rankings. The best way to keep yourself up to date with Google’s algorithm updates is by tak ...

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  • Google Search Index Changes Things Up by Going Mobile-First

    …. The search engine giant has long advocated for the advancement of SEO by encouraging websites to become more mobile-friendly and now, they have taken another concrete step into making the internet a mobile-first domain. It’s fair to assume by splitting the search index, Google is slowly adapting to the fact that majority of searches now happen on mobile…

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  • Why 2016 Will be a Global Tipping Point for the Mobile Economy

    … users in the U.S., 86% time of mobile spent on in apps in the developed world, the quick growth of m-commerce in the U.S. in last few quarters, and the massive role of m-commerce in the mobile-first world of India (plus to a lesser extent, China) … we’re seeing the pivotal moment in the massive mobile shift that developers have been working towards…

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  • Mobile Marketing: Drive Your Sales With These 5 Strategies

    …. Mobile Inbox – Over half of all emails are read (and deleted) on a mobile device. Ensuring your emails are responsive to mobile devices is a must. Mobile-First – Adopt a mobile first strategy. Almost half of all people are unlikely to return to your site if it didn’t work on a mobile device. They’ve provided great supporting data and advice to help you implement these mobile marketing strategies: © 2014 DK New Media. …

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  • The Definitive Guide to Optimizing Your Local Landing Pages

    … ideal temperatures and performance. Airbnb has excellent location specific landing pages When your content is location aware, it makes visitors feel that you understand what needs to be done, are a local and can execute well. Provide Honest Testimonials I am more compelled to do business with providers who have honest testimonials…

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