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    • How to rule the App Store in 2017: 5 trends to use to your advantage

      The Apple iTunes App Store has to evolve. The number of apps is growing exponentially, and user behaviors are constantly changing, making it critical for the App Store to adjust. Some of the products of this evolution are long-awaited features and capabilities, playing catch-up with Google Play. Others are attempts to take creative initiative in improving the user experience in the App Store.

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  • Hold that SDK: Mobile app advertising help is on the way

    … Mobile app advertising has been an ongoing, complex challenge for the ad industry in almost every way. Most notably, mobile apps make it hard to scale a targeted media buy and measure accurately — basically, mobile apps don’t play nice with the adtech ecosystem. Why native mobile apps hold back advertisers and publishers Apps you install from…

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  • Report: Apple Search Ads are driving installs with high retention rates

    … A few weeks into Apple debuting search ads in the App Store, mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer has released some early results. The App Store is the primary way consumers discover apps, according to comScore, and developers have jumped at the opportunity to improve visibility for their apps there. Spend roughly doubled in the initial weeks…

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  • Which came first, the mobile app or the audience?

    … on the traditional route to monetization. Currently, the majority of mobile applications that are turning profits are doing so because a brand or agency has recognized the audience as valuable. In my work around mobile, I am hearing from a lot of developers who would prefer to focus on creating a great app rather than on the details of how it makes…

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  • The ins, outs and industry effects of Apple’s Limit Ad Tracking changes

    … Apple’s iOS 10 update was a huge shot across the bow in the mobile advertising world. Apple rolled out search ads in the iOS App Store to all US users, but another updated feature has put search ads in perspective as part of a bigger plan and has simultaneously sent ripples through the rest of the industry. What are we talking about? “Limit Ad…

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  • Google is adding a second ad slot in Play Store search results

    … Google is making some adjustments to when and where app promotion ads display in the Play Store. First, there will be a second ad slot available on some non-branded, broad queries like “calorie counter app” or “finance app”. Two ads won’t always show on these types of queries, but Google is opening up more inventory for the first time since…

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  • Keyword-driven ASO: a quick primer

    … stores (iTunes and Google Play) through app store optimization (ASO). This is mobile. There are no shortcuts. There is no passing go and collecting $200. You must earn your users’ attention the old-fashioned way: by making a great product and optimizing all of your channels, including ASO. Yes, Apple is releasing search ads in iTunes this fall…

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  • Mobile marketing platform Tune opens up a Multiverse

    … From the website of Tune’s Multiverse Mobile marketing provider Tune is now offering a free tool so marketers can better understand their return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) across mobile web and app advertising. Known as Multiverse and offered in a public beta, it connects to a hundred of the largest ad networks in order to compare ad spend with ad…

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  • How to tailor your app display ads to targeted segments

    … The Author Craig Weinberg joined 3Q Digital, a Harte Hanks company, after serving as Mobile Practice Lead at Mindshare, where he led mobile marketing across Mindshare's North American client portfolio. (Some images used under license from…

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  • Consumers shape new world of search advertising

    … on making commercial interactions more valuable to consumers. That means understanding those consumers fully and creating marketing experiences that transcend online and offline, ads to apps. For consumers, interaction moments with brands happen throughout the day. In these moments, the line that separates marketing from consumer activity…

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  • Apple iAd’s App Network Shutting Down

    … If you like information, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more unsatisfying source of it than Apple’s developer blog news updates. The company announced it is is shutting down the iAd App Network at the end of June in a four sentence post last Friday. New App Store apps can no longer join the network. Existing members can continue to promote…

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