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    • Why IF Function Ads Need To Be In Your Testing Rotation

      July 20, 2017 At the beginning of the year, Google released a new feature called IF function ads. We wrote about this new feature in the post How To Use AdWords Ads IF Functionality. If you’re curious about how these customizable ads perform, here are some answers. What Are IF Functions? IF function ads allow you to set specific guidelines based on audience or device data.

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  • How To Make Your PPC Campaign Successful

    … Since you have to run a business successfully, PPC management can keep you busy all the time. PPC campaign is not about working hard, but it is all about working smart. You need to be smart enough to free your time to make your business successful and look after your clients. PPC campaign is the best way to market and advertise your business…

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  • Should You Choose Bid Modifiers Or Exclusive Campaigns For Your Mobile PPC?

    … to meet this demand and achieve the best possible results from it? The updates mentioned provide us with more tools and robust techniques for meeting this challenge, but it can be difficult to know what’s right for the clients or accounts we work with. In this discussion, we’ll focus our attention on device-specific bid adjustments as a strategy…

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  • 5 PPC Marketing Blunders and Techniques to Solve Them

    … will lose those clients. Unfortunately, many web marketers make plenty of mistakes while setting up their clients’ PPC campaign and thus, fail to deliver substantial results. Let’s take a look at some of the shocking mistakes made by PPC marketers and learn the tricks to avoid them. Ignoring mobile: As a PPC marketer, you can’t just focus…

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  • How To Setup The Newest AdWords Extension – Message Extensions

    …, select “Ad Extensions” and under the drop down options, you will see “Message Extensions.” When creating the pre-populated message, you will want to consider the questions your customers frequently ask. Your customers may want to set up an appointment for a quote for a roof estimate or ask if a used vehicle is on the lot before they drive to your…

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  • Why You Need To Segment Your Data By Device When Reviewing Landing Page Performance

    … convenient. Okay, you get my point. We’ve heard it said time and time again that mobile devices have to be at the forefront of our minds as digital marketers. Today, I’m going to show you the importance of segmenting your data by device when carrying out landing page optimizations. You should know that mobile and desktop users behave differently…

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  • Coming Soon – New Cross-Device Reports And Benchmarks

    … August 15, 2016 Over the years, mobile traffic has continued to increase, which has made it increasingly difficult to track customers as they cross over from one device to another. The traditional marketing funnel that used to be awareness, consideration, and then purchase has almost become obsolete. No longer is the buying cycle a linear path…

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  • 3 Tips For Better Mobile Advertising On Bing Ads

    … that appear on mobile searches. It’s the essential, must-have ad extension for your mobile ads. Allow customers to bypass the small screen website on their phone and go straight to calling you. Geo-Targeting Geo-targeting helps customers find you easily. Advertisers should consider using location information while optimizing their PPC strategy…

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  • 5 Tips to start an effective mobile AD campaign

    … or join your mailing list. Some of the best call to actions involve providing value to the customer. Consider offering a discount code or a freebie in order to captivate the audience. Other options can be added, many marketers have had success with buy one get one free and promotional items. Test out what works for your brand or product and capitalize on the success. The post 5 Tips to start an effective mobile AD campaign appeared first on PPC - About PPC - Pay Per Click Management | …

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  • 7 Ways to Set Fire to Your Mobile Marketing in 2016

    … effectively with their customers or members. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy. The post 7 Ways to Set Fire to Your Mobile Marketing in 2016 appeared first on PPC - About PPC - Pay Per Click Management | … 9 readers -
  • Why Ad Extensions Improve Mobile PPC

    … come as a surprise. The surprise is that many advertisers are not adapting their PPC campaign to take full advantage of the mobile traffic market. What needs to be made apparent is that the traffic that comes from laptops and computers is very different to that which comes from portable devices. Therefore, the PPC campaigns should reflect…

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  • 2 Useful Mobile PPC Tips

    … You would have to be pretty ignorant to not notice that the traffic from mobile devices is constantly growing. This makes it clear that mobile PPC is booming and will continually boom. Advertisers that only stick to desktop PPC campaigns should be looking to profit from mobile PPC too. However, to assume that mobile PPC is the same as the desktop…

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  • Should Facebook Be At The Top Of Your Mobile Strategy?

    … Mobile. We as advertisers know it’s important. Google tells us, Microsoft tells us, and intuitively every time we use our mobile devices we know it. As more traffic funnels in from mobile devices, platforms are trying to adapt and so are we as advertisers. This is why Facebook’s 2015 Q1 earnings report got my attention, but first let’s lay out…

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