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  • Help. I’m enslaved by my smartphone.

    … that I’m going to work harder to stop and smell the (IRL) roses, or rely on my device less. While I see the potential problems we’re creating with handheld and wearable technologies they have, without a doubt, also made me feel smarter. I owe my business and livelihood to technology, including mobile phones. And I probably owe a little sanity…

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  • Mobile devices are detroying human conversation. Get over it.

    … a few concerns. The ubiqituous mobile device has replaced face-to-face human conversation, upended family dynamics, and challenged traditional views of relationships. I recently had the opportunity to hear author and academic Sherry Turkle talk about her new book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. In her speech, she lamented…

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  • How Emails Are Evolving into Mailable Microsites

    … Mandeville, discuss how a coding hack is used to create this functionality in this Email Design podcast (at the 20:47 mark). Navigation Navigation bars are powerful. They generate a significant number of clicks, and those clicks generally turn into conversions at a higher rate than clicks elsewhere in an email. Mobile email design is moving a lot…

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  • Why Mobile Moments Are Mandatory for Every Business

    …Defining Mobile Moments Josh started as a researcher at Forrester 19 years ago. Recently, his research has focused increasingly on mobile use. Forrester has introduced the hashtag #MyMobileMoment for people to share the little victories they have using mobile technology every day. For the past year and a half, Josh has been writing a new book…

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