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  • 8 Reasons Why Consumers Will Watch and Engage With Your Video

    … to collect strategic insights related to different variables within the pre-roll and native video ad formats. They surveyed 13,600 people (6,400 PC users and 7,200 mobile users), ages 18-54, and 50% males/50% females. Their research methodology involved surveying people prior to ad exposure, then exposing them to a video ad, and finally surveying people…

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  • 3 Video Ad Tests for a Changing Landscape

    … digital media time now being spent within mobile apps, it’s critical to optimize video ads for a great in-app mobile viewing experience. Video is consumed in different formats. For example, on YouTube, users watch the first few seconds of a video ad and have the option to skip it. Whereas in the social media context, such as on a mobile Facebook…

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  • Video Will Account for 70% of All Mobile Traffic by 2021 [Report]

    … equally for watching short-form video content, viewers are turning to their tablets to consume longer form video clips. Teens Turning to Mobile to Watch Video Content The study reports a 'significant increase' in the share of video traffic via mobile devices as viewers gradually change their viewing habits from traditional TV to streaming content via…

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  • 12 Reasons Why Video is Changing Everything for Traditional Media

    … by Millennials – and in some ways, by the industry itself, which has allowed cluttered, poor-quality ad environments, privacy issues, and irrelevant ad experiences to grow at the expense of the viewer. A recent Millward Brown study noted that over 60% of online video viewers would be more agreeable to advertising if they could control the ads they see…

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  • Choosing the Right Platform for Mobile Video Ads, Part I

    … Social video is practically synonymous with “mobile video.” More than half of Facebook’s 1.6 billion users are mobile-only, and 90% of Twitter’s promoted video views happen on mobile. And let’s not forget about the video distribution opportunities on mobile-only social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. What’s the right mobile video platform…

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  • How Turkish Airlines is Winning Big at Video Marketing

    … for an airline that can get them there – even if ‘there’ is Gotham or Metropolis.” Why Video Marketing to Millennials is Essential According to the 2015 Online and Mobile Video Study from Animoto, “video is no longer optional for brands and businesses looking to market to millennials.” Their survey of a representative sample of 1,051 U.S. consumers revealed 70…

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  • Millennials Ensure 46% of Video is Consumed Via Mobile [Report]

    …, is being delivered over the top. Everything from episodic TV to longer dramas, movies, news and sports has become regular fare online. Still, a vast amount of short-form content is being consumed on mobile devices, an almost made-to-order delivery system that better matches up with modern lifestyles. The price of data is coming down, and operators…

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  • 7 Tips for a Successful Snapchat Video Marketing Campaign

    … where their Aunt Jean hangs out! Also it’s less likely to get lost in a news feed “Snapchat offers something unique in the world of mostly-broadcast, feed-centric social media — intimacy at scale." Said Victor Pineiro, from AdAge. Immersive video, curated context and no pre-roll — this means they fold your ad into their content. Click here for more information on Snapchat video ads. …

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  • Vine’s Sticking To Its 6-Second Limit, But There Are Workarounds

    Left to right: Re/code senior editor Jason Del Rey, DigiTour Media CEO Meridith Valiando Rojas and Vine head of user experience Jason Mante. Six seconds is to Vine what 140 characters is to Vine’s parent company, Twitter. The video length is the mobile video service’s calling card, so don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

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