Moderation System

On Internet websites that invite users to post comments, a moderation system is the method the webmaster chooses to sort contributions that are irrelevant, obscene, illegal, or insulting with regards to useful or informative contributions.Various types of Internet sites permit user comments, such as: Internet forums, blogs, and news sites powered by scripts such as phpBB, a Wiki, or PHP-Nuke. Depending on the site's content and intended audience, the webmaster will decide what kinds of user comments are appropriate, then delegate the responsibility of sifting through comments to lesser moderators.
Posts about Moderation System
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    …, much like Gmail’s spam filters get better at recognizing junk email as people mark items as spam. But when a nasty comment slips past the filters, folks can flag it with a troll icon, which prompts VProud’s community managers to take a look. “We have a lot of users with self-esteem and body image issues,” said Cahn. “You’re not allowed to go…

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