Mogul skiing is a type of freestyle skiing where skiers display tricks, jumps and turning abilities for onlookers (or judges) on a mogul slope making “high-quality, aggressive turns while remaining in the fall line (an imaginary line that combines the steepest pitch and most direct line, from top to bottom, of any slope). Skiers absorb the impact of the bumps by bending at the knees and hips. In a good run, shoulders remain parallel to the finish line, turns should be quick and short, and skis should not leave the snow surface.”
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  • These 3 Ethical Advertising Notions are Archaic

    … John Grisham novel expecting the twist to be revealed. You don’t give away the milk before selling the cow. So, when a searcher is clicks an ad that says “40% off on black shoes”, and then the landing page further reveals that this deal applies only to black velvet shoes, that’s not a deception so much as it is staggering the delivery…

    Kevin Klein/ PPC Hero- 8 readers -
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