Mondelēz International, Inc. (/ˌmoʊndəˈliːz/ MOHN-də-LEEZ) is an American multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate, employing around 100,000 people around the world. It comprises the global snack and food brands of the former Kraft Foods. The Mondelēz name, adopted in 2012, came from the input of Kraft Foods employees at the time, Monde being French for world and delez an alternative to delicious.
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  • Op-ed: Why brands should use more UGC in 2015

    … people access and consume content. It was an agency’s content studio that produced the now-famous Oreo moment during a 34-minute blackout during the 2013 Super Bowl. But even Mondelez, makers of Oreo, said afterwards that the day-to-day costs associated with having a fully staffed content studio are not only high but cannot fill the digital content…

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  • More scrutiny of YouTube stars’ promotion deals

    … body issued a ruling on Wednesday that warns $65 billion snack giant Mondelez, which paid five popular U.K YouTubers to promote its Oreo brand. With 6.9 million subscribers across their channels, Thomas Ridgewell, Emma Blackery, PJ Ligouri, Phil Lester and Dan Howell made videos for Mondelez in which they participated in an “Oreo Lick Race.” Millions…

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  • UK Ad Watchdog Says Oreo & YouTube Stars Violated Disclosure Standards

    … summer largely thanks to Oreo’s parent company Mondelez paying a handful of YouTube celebs, including Phil Lester and Dan Howell (2.1 million subscribers on their AmazingPhil channel) to Today, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority announced that Mondelez and the video bloggers had violated the code that requires advertisements to be clearly…

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  • 8 Reasons Why Digital Advertising Works For Brands

    … delightful folks from procurement, and one had asked, “Does digital advertising really work for brand advertisers?” I was at first taken aback by this question; of course digital builds brands. Why else would the world’s leading CPG companies be investing so heavily? Unilever increased its digital advertising spending by 40 percent last year…

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  • Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMOs of 2014

    … with 41% of the list, followed by 25% from the Automotive industry. The most influential brands specific to online marketing included: Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon. The 5 most influential CMOs in the online marketing space are: Barb Rechterman – GoDaddy Ariel Kelman – Amazon Lorraine Twohill – Google Blair Christie – Cisco…

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  • Halloween treats from 13 spooky brands

    … Pumpkin carvings, candy, scary stories and sexy Ebola hazmat suits. Halloween is here. And brands have, for better or worse, taken note. From Oreo to Disney and from Arby’s to Pinterest, big companies have offered up their tricks and treats. Here’s a list of 13 (13? spooky!) cool Halloween campaigns: Oreo While last year Oreo celebrated popular…

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