Monetization Basics

  • Which Ad Networks Will Go Bankrupt Next

    … 2016 has been a crazy year with the growth of header bidding, ad block usage and the drop in Google’s share of publishers’ ad inventories. Things have definitely been shaken up last year and as a result two major bankruptcies have occurred. While Say Media technically isn’t bankrupt, they seem pretty close according to many publishers that used…

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  • Highest Paying AdSense Alternatives of 2017

    … relationships with top media buyers who provide lucrative monetization solutions for display, video, and mobile content. It is a CPM/CPC advertising network with a minimum payout threshold of just $100 paid on NET 30 basis. bRealtime’s managed demand solution guarantees 100% fill with other tags that can be set with min CPMs and passbacks. By far…

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  • 6 Top App Monetization Models Developers Need for Success

    … one and strive to weave additional models into the mix as appropriate over time. That said, it’s key to obtain a solid understanding first. It’s better to do things well and slightly more slowly than it is to rush in without knowing what you’re doing. Focus on the basics first and grow from there. From that point, the sky is the limit! The post 6 Top App Monetization Models Developers Need for Success appeared first on MonetizePros. …

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  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Website Monetization

    … Website monetization is the process of taking a websites visitors and turning them into revenue for the website owner. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to go about doing this but the end goal is always the same – make as much money as possible. There’s two numbers that determine how much you make from your website: 1) How many…

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  • The Best Adsense Alternative – Infolinks

    … the various monetization tools that are out there, we recently got to know in depth one platform that really stood out from the crowd – Infolinks. Of course, we have heard about Infolinks many times in the past, after all they’ve been around for over 8 years now, and we even mentioned them in a few posts, for instance as the 5 top Google AdSense…

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  • Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

    When you’re considering what is the best social media management tools, it comes down to three key ideas: Engagement, Analytics, and the networks your customers populate. Some social media managers opt for a single tool, while others use multiple tools – particularly in Enterprise environments. Which social media management tool should you pick? Read on to discover how to choo ...

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  • How to Make Money Online with No SEO

    … It’s a mistake to think you can’t make money online just because you don’t know the ins and outs of how to make a website or ranking sites for search engines. With a little effort and the right focus, you can test your own site idea – even if you’re just getting started in the world of websites. The truth is, making money online with a website can…

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  • Top 20 Best Business Podcasts For Growing Your Website

    … heights. You will learn everything you need to know about running an online (or offline) business with valuable information about niche and authority site monetization, SEO techniques, business automation and outsourcing. Listeners will also find out No Hat Digital’s advanced approaches to formulas that create a buzz on social media as well…

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  • How to Make Money With a Fitness Blog

    … Wouldn’t you love to know how fitness industry experts manage to monetize their blogs in such a popular niche? – Keep reading to find out! With more resources on how to monetize a website now available online than ever before, it’s no surprise that blogging success stories are so common. The fitness industry is a growing niche that has seen…

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