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  • Finally, the truth about social media and customer engagement

    … By Mark W. Schaefer When I started on Twitter in 2008, it was THE cool place to connect, share ideas, and meet new people. I would hang out there in the evenings and have amazing conversations with new friends from all around the globe. And then, it got crowded. My precious little band of followers ballooned to hundreds, thousands, and tens…

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  • Driving economic benefits from your Alpha Audience

    … I hear most from fans of the book – “Tell us more about the Alpha Audience — how do we find them and what we need to do next?” That’s why I was so delighted to meet Melyssa Banda. She had the answer. Melyssa Banda Melyssa is the Head of Marketing and Communications at WD, a Western Digital Company and leads global communication strategies…

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  • Are marketers getting lost in the Dark Funnel?

    … the radical new way customers engage and buy from brands today. The behavior of customers has become an evolving maze and marketers are always trying to stay one step ahead. The rise of online and social marketing and the vast distribution of content have added another level of complexity to what we used to think of as a sales funnel. Many marketers…

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  • The business case for dwelling on dwell time

    … I’m a big fan of the New York Times. Not only do they lead the way with the best in American journalism and commentary, they also are innovators in their approach to marketing articles to get them to move. And as you know by now, my strong view is that we must get our content to move. In fact the economic value of all that content you’re…

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  • A new process to quantify content marketing success

    … and development by my team, our process actually quantifies your content marketing effort and compares your success to your closest competitors. We’ve named this new consulting practice The Content Code since it is based on many of the principles defined by my popular book of the same name. Our premise is simple. Publishing content is no longer the finish…

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  • If you can’t measure marketing ROI, find the right alternative

    … the first step or two). 1. Find the right metrics Better metrics start by answering a pretty simple question: would you spend money to change that number? You are investing time and money into your marketing, you need measure what justifies that investment! There is, of course, an obvious answer for many of us that meets this test: profit…

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  • The state of the nation on SEO, content strategy and earned media

    … choices that have drastically affected websites that had relied quite heavily on organic search as the source of new business. Those businesses had to make substantial changes, especially when it comes to links and link sources. Many of the link building strategies that have been used have been killed off by Google. Companies used to pay an SEO…

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  • 5 Critical (and unique) considerations about PR measurement

    … delivered before and I think it will provide some valuable insights into the ever-present question on measuring the ROI of PR and social media. This is about an hour long, but I thought I would try sharing some in-depth content and see how it goes. Aspects of PR measurement Some of the topics I cover: The implied value of everything and the Gary…

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  • How to set up a Social Media Command Center

    … By Rick Wion, {grow} Community Member Many organizations have established a social media command center as a means to amplify and speed up their marketing and engagement with customers. Creating a command center involves establishing policies and procedures for various types of interactions, hardware and software tools to manage the war room…

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  • 10 things you need to know NOW about OmniChannel Marketing

    If you’re like me, you have probably seen a new buzzword creeping into the online marketing conversations — “OmniChannel marketing.” I like this characterization from John Bowden, Senior VP of Customer Care at Time Warner Cable as it appeared in a recent Marketo post: “Multi-channel is an operational view – how you allow the customer to complete transactions in each channel.

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