Month In Numbers

  • Month In Numbers – October 2016

    … October’s Month In Numbers is getting off to an early start! Hailing from the rise of m-commerce to the falls of Samsung’s shares, we’ve got a whole range of digital marketing numbers and stats for you this month! Enjoy, and remember to share or add a comment below! Going out on a low note Leading up to, and shortly after it’s release…

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  • Month In Numbers – September

    …. Playing with your food finally pays off! I would likely put it up to the food pics, but according to Bloglovin, Food bloggers have FOUR TIMES the number of social media followers compared to other categories (such as fashion, travel or lifestyle). While certain categories perform better on different channels, food bloggers tend to perform better…

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  • Month in Numbers – July 2016

    … This month, we’re hitting you with numbers we consider one in a million..or one million..of a billion? From the biggest mobile game in U.S history to a new partnership in artificial intelligence and healthcare, July 2016 has been a jam packed month of huge numbers! Enjoy! $1 billion This is how much Anglo-Dutch consumer good company, Unilever…

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  • Month in Numbers: June 2016

    … Welcome to another edition of Month In Numbers. This month we’re discussing buy-outs, social media’s influence on buying decisions and first impressions! Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion Last month, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for an incredible $26.2 billion. What turned into a bidding war involving CRM leader Salesforce, finally came…

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  • Month in Numbers: May 2016

    … Apologies for running a bit behind on Month in Numbers this time around! The Attacat office has been all a-flutter with the hiring of new staff and even a new Attakitten to add to the bunch! Hope you’re ready for some crunchy numbers…as these ones are tasty! “Each episode of House of Cards you watch in HD results in almost 30kg of CO2 emissions…

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  • Month in Numbers: March 2016

    … believe that if their customer data was air-tight, they’d be able to increase revenue by up to 29%. We love reliable business data at Attacat, which is why we’re upfront about our geekery when it comes to Google Analytics setups. Blast from the past: February 2014 I’ve scoured the Month in Numbers vault for this stat from Charlie in February 2014…

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  • Month in Numbers: February 2016

    … Our wrap up of February’s most intriguing statistics from the digital marketing world includes a quick look at programmatic advertising, Facebook achieving another impressive milestone and a more than impressive landing page conversion rate. 98% e-commerce conversion rate That’s right, a near perfect conversion rate for landing pages selling…

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  • Month in Numbers: January 2016

    … who continues to share his knowledge with the team. Thanks for making it through another edition of Month in Numbers. Stay tuned to The Brain this month for a range of great posts from the team including a run down on avoiding digital image copyright violations from the head of SEO, Joel “The Process” Lumsden. The post Month in Numbers: January 2016 appeared first on Attacat Edinburgh. …

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  • Month in Numbers: December 2015

    … transactions (particularly at Christmas) include flexibility with dates of delivery, stock availability and clear, lenient return policies. It makes sense really, and gives independent e-retailers clear areas of focus for improvement in order to compete. Image courtesy of Pixabay 100 billion The number of searches performed on Google every month…

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  • Month in Numbers: November 2015

    … Black Friday and Cyber Monday dominated our digital world in November, never mind the usual mad rush preparing sites and business strategies for online Christmas shopping. November’s Month in Numbers looks at forecasts for online spend in the UK related to Christmas, the ever-improving results for businesses who advertise on Facebook and other…

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  • Month in Numbers: September 2015

    … Depending on your feelings toward rugby union, you may be disappointed to learn that September’s Month in Numbers has only been partially commandeered by the media flooding Rugby World Cup. We’ve put Japan Rugby up against Apple in the war of social media mentions, challenge a recent study that downplays Facebook’s advertising potential…

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  • Month in Numbers: August 2015

    Attacat’s hometown, Edinburgh was taken over by the annual Fringe Festival in August however we didn’t let this take our attention away from the world of digital marketing. August’s Month in Numbers takes a look at the ever-growing ‘internet of things’, ad blocking differences across devices and Dr. Dre’s meme generator (please keep reading).

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  • Month in Numbers: July 2015

    … Another month has gone by which gives us 31 days worth of fresh digital marketing statistics to unpack (hooray!). The July 2015 edition of our Month in Numbers series takes a look at Instagram’s advertising revenue, how facial recognition software could be used to tailor your bricks and mortar experience and how social media can enhance your…

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