Motivation For Entrepreneurs

  • How 1 Weird Table Keeps Me Motivated in the Morning

    … complacency. A bad day can breed impatience. Either emotion can have a ruinous effect on your decision making. And that’s why we should look beyond daily performance metrics if we want to stay motivated. One of the methods I use involves gamification and an imaginary league table. Hold on tight. This could get a little geeky. ‘League of Affiliates…

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  • How Much Could I Pay You to Quit Affiliate Marketing?

    … to add enjoyment to your life. Once the basics are covered, and luxuries enjoyed, an extra 100K or 500K is pretty much irrelevant. Time and burnout become the chief affecters of happiness. Along with the political games that are so entwined with the corporate world. And that’s why, for many people, affiliate marketing is not just a career. It’s…

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