Motril is a town and municipality on the Mediterranean coast in the province of Granada, Spain. It is the second largest town in the province, with a population of 61,171 as of 2012. The town is located near the Guadalfeo River and 69 km (43 mi) from Granada. The council of Motril includes the city of Motril and the neighbourhoods of El Varadero, Torrenueva, Carchuna, Calahonda, Puntalón, Playa Granada, Las Ventillas, La Perla, La Garnatilla and La Chucha. The town is the capital of the region of the Coast of Granada.King Baudouin of the Belgians died in Motril of heart failure during a visit to their summer residence, "Villa Astrida" in 1993.
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  • Where On Earth Are You?

    … and his home. They are about three miles apart. If he connects to the internet on his PC in the office, Google thinks he is in Motril – about 150km from the actual location. We can check this fact using the real time tracking feature in Google Analytics. If he connects on his mobile using the office WiFi – then he is also located as being in Motril…

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