Moving To Thailand

  • STM London & My Plans For March

    … In case you haven’t heard, STM Forum is holding a massive affiliate meetup in London next month. Somebody better call 8 Northumberland Avenue ahead of time — because to the unsuspecting waiter, bar man, or miscellaneous lost Japanese tourist, it’s going to be raining vast quantities of sausage from March 9th. That’s the opening night…

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  • New Premium Posts, Plans for 2015 and Good Reads

    …. Surprise, Surprise. Penguin Goes Viral Finally, did you see the John Lewis Christmas advert? If you’re outside the UK, then probably not. Here it is: I’m no brand advertiser, but I’ll tip my hat where it’s due. That is some proper next-level Mad Men shit. There’s a fine line between ‘going viral’ for the sake of sapping bandwidth, and going…

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