Multi-Channel Funnels

    • Expanding Your PPC Coverage Beyond Google And Bing

      January 30, 2017 Here at Hanapin, we have clients in seemingly every vertical with budgets ranging from penny-pinching to limitless. Despite their many differences, nearly all of these accounts have one thing in common: Google AdWords is their most important network. For these accounts, Google receives the lion’s share of budget and optimization resources.

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  • Coming Soon – New Cross-Device Reports And Benchmarks

    … the internet. The biggest turning point occurred in 2009 with the introduction of 4G. The rollout of search engines and social platforms Mobile devices and tablets have made the traditional funnel a thing of the past. Now, customers are able to enter and leave the buying cycle at any point and time. In addition, social channels have also shaped…

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  • Advanced ABCs of PPC – Terminology & Strategies to Remember

    … paid search campaigns. Class is now in session! A is for Ad Extensions Recently, Google released new information regarding Quality Score and how that figure is calculated. It should come as no surprise that a portion of that score is to what extent you're utilizing the tools AdWords has made available to you. Ad extensions are playing a role…

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