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    • Niche Pursuits Income Report for May 2017

      Welcome to my May 2017 income report! As usual, I had a lot going on during the month related to business, so I'd like to share a few highlights. Overall, you will see that it was a good month. My total income was up a couple thousand dollars this month, and I also launched Niche Pursuits Insider. For now (and maybe always), I don't plan on revealing the income for Niche Pursuits Insider.

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  • Income Report for April 2017

    During the month of April, I feared my business would fail. Turns out my fears were overblown. I think as an entrepreneur we have all experienced the emotions that come with owning a business. One-day you look at your earnings or traffic statistics and it feels like you are conquering the world! Then the next week, you see everything take a nosedive and you wonder if you have any control.

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  • Income Report March 2017

    Welcome to my second income report in a row! I write these posts for 2 reasons: first, to hopefully educate and inspire you for what is working in my business. And second, to help me reflect on what I've accomplished or what I should be doing better. I'll be quite honest with you, I get nervous about publishing these income reports each month.

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  • February 2017 Income Report for All My Brands, Including Niche Pursuits

    After a significant break from doing a real monthly income report, I’ve decided to give it another shot. I’ve done sporadic general business updates, but I’m now ready to get more consistent with sharing what’s working in my business. And the big change (that I’ve never done before), is I’m adding the income generated from NichePursuits.

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  • Launching Products and Going International: Amazon FBA Update for August 2016

    … growing my existing listings, go international, and then try to create more unique product offerings. If you are selling products on Amazon, I would love to hear how its going for you. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to leave your thoughts below. Yes! I Love to Learn After almost 4 years of blogging and building businesses, here are the most important things I’ve learned… Related Projects:…

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  • How and Why I Sold My Software Company, Long Tail Pro

    … several more before the end of this year. In addition, I continue to grow my affiliate website portfolio and have invested in a few sites. I still really enjoy seeing these websites climb the ranks in Google. And finally, I am starting to get the itch again to start a new software company. I wanted to take a bit of a break after selling Long Tail Pro…

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  • July 2016 Business Update: Amazon FBA, Buying Websites, and Internships

    …. However, instead of building all my sites as my own little projects, I’ve started to “up my game” and partner with other people on most of my websites now. I’ll explain that below. Business Partners and Internships In February of this year, I brought partners into my Long Tail Pro business. Since that time, I’ve decided to either invest in other online…

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