Name Collisions

    • .mail, .home, .corp hopefuls could get exit plan in January

      The twenty remaining applicants for the gTLDs .corp, .home and .mail could get the option to bow out with a full refund as early as January. The ICANN board of directors earlier this month discussed several options for how to treat the in-limbo applications, one of which was a refund. According to minutes of its December 13 meeting: Staff outlined some potential options for ...

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  • Refund “options” for in-limbo gTLD applicants?

    … and .corp in particular — already experience vast amounts of erroneous DNS traffic on a daily basis. This is due to so-called “name collisions”, which come about when a newly delegated TLD is actually already in use on corporate or public networks. Many companies use .corp and .mail already behind their firewalls, a practice sometimes…

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  • Verisign says new gTLDs put millions at risk

    … Verisign has revived its old name collisions security scare story, publishing this week a weighty research paper claiming millions are at risk of man-in-the-middle attacks. It’s actually a study into how a well-known type of attack, first documented in the 1990s, might become easier due to the expansion of the DNS at the top level. According…

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