The NASDAQ Stock Market (/ˈnæzˌdæk/), commonly known as the NASDAQ, is an American stock exchange. It is the second-largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, after the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange platform is owned by NASDAQ OMX Group, which also owns the OMX stock market network.
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  • A few Saturday facts about Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers`Jeff

    … three boys together and we had some great years too. I still love Kathy with all my heart because she is a very nice woman. When I took my nasty fall and nearly died, Kathy and her mom stayed with me in the hospital, which means a lot. Eventually we drifted apart and we were divorced and then I moved down to sunny Florida and I now live in St…

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  • SEC gives green light to Eaton Vance’s active ETMFs

    … to disclose the "secret sauce" of an active manager's asset allocation. The proposed ETMF structure will also trade in a different manner than traditional ETFs. Investors will buy and sell stock around the next-determined daily net asset value (NAV). This new type of trading protocol is being referred to as 'NAV-based trading'. Under the NAV-based trading…

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  • 18 Things You Should Know About Baidu

    … candlelight” – served as the inspiration for the name of the company. 3. The Man Behind Baidu: Robin Li Born Li Yanhong in 1968, Robin Li was the only son for two factory workers. He grew up in the small town of Yang Quan during China’s Cultural Revolution and would later be admitted into Beijing University where he studied computer science…

    Albert Costill/ Search Engine Journalin Paid Search SEO Google- 14 readers -
  • Biggest vs. best

    … There's not much overlap. Regardless of how you measure 'best' (elegance, deluxeness, impact, profitability, ROI, meaningfulness, memorability), it's almost never present in the thing that is the most popular. The best restaurant, Seinfeld episode, political candidate, brand of beer, ski slope, NASDAQ stock, you name it. Compare them to the most popular. Big is a choice. So is best. …

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 3 readers -
  • Podcast 49: How to Mange Writers Effectively

    … Perrin and I were able to sit down and record a podcast based on our last blog post, How to Mange Writers Effectively. When it comes to starting and running an online business, having great content is so critical. If you are not writing the content yourself, hiring and managing writers becomes extremely important. Because of this, Perrin…

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