Native Advertising Platforms

  • Not All Native Ad Networks Are Created Equal

    … Published 35 mins ago 35 Nearly every native ad (content recommendation) network promotes their ability to monetize your website, drive traffic and increase engagement with effective content recommendations. These recommendation networks can positively influence publishers and media professionals in two ways. First, it’s clear they can…

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  • NewsLauncher Unveils Progressive New Sponsored Content Platform

    … Published 41 mins ago 51 Native advertising platforms are a dime a dozen these days. Tens, if not hundreds, of SAAS companies have jumped on board to ride the growth wave of native advertising, and the market has borne them readily as both brands and publishers eagerly pursue greater web traffic and awareness. The native advertising…

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  • The What, Why and How of Native Advertising

    … and existing data around when you’ve performed best in the past. Step 2 – The Platform You have the ideas and you know when you want to promote them, but which platforms should you use to do this? Since this is an article about native, let’s focus on the platforms suitable for this kind of advertising. Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn…

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