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  • How Game Developers Can Maximize Their E3 2016 Twitter Efforts

    … key gaming-related statistics from the social network in a blog post: Nearly 84 million tweets in 2015 were related to gaming, or some 230,000 every day. 65 percent of Twitter users say they play video games, and 55 percent say they regularly play console games. 85 percent of Twitter gamers spend money on video games, compared with 76…

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  • Report: National Geographic is the No. 1 Brand on Social Media

    … The story of the growth in Internet use in recent years has been the story of video and social networks. Video content has become core to social consumption among certain demographics, so playing to the audience desire for video content is essential. New data from Shareablee, shows which publishers fared best on social during Q3…

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  • Conversions Aren’t Enough: 5 Best Metrics for Measuring Branded Video

    … to viewers. Rather than simply looking at how many people clicked on a piece of content, vendors like Chartbeat measure engaged time by looking at how people are interacting with the webpage. You can have all the video views in the world, but if people are opening a new tab and focusing elsewhere immediately after landing on your videos, it’s…

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  • Why Social Networks and Marketers are Flocking to Native Video

    Video is taking over the Internet. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have disrupted the cable industry business model. And until recently, people could share video from external sites on social media channels. But now social networks are adopting native video. The objective: to contain the user experience.

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  • Snapchat Launches Native Video Ads

    … announced its new native video ad product called 3V: Vertical, Video, Views. Speigel explained: 3V advertising is special because it’s built from the ground up for mobile, just like everything else on Snapchat. He also reiterated his desire not to go too far with “creepy” advertising practices: In the earlier days of Internet advertising, markets…

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  • How Facebook Native Video is Engaging Brands

    … Published 1 min ago 27 In 2014, brands began to take notice of Facebook native video. As of November 2014, Facebook native video made up 80 percent of the total interactions on Facebook video posts according to Socialbakers , a leading social media analytics and publishing company. Socialbakers analyzed 20,000 Facebook pages to find…

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  • 4 Things that Marketers Should Know About the Human Brain

    … something of value. Teach them something new, entertain them, and enrich their lives through storytelling. That’s where branded native video advertising can make the difference for your brand. 4 Researchers at Harvard confirmed what we’ve all suspected: that we love to talk about ourselves. As it turns out, people devote 30-40% of their speech…

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  • Here’s What A Successful Video Content Marketing Campaign Looks Like

    …, it’s best to promote it via native advertising campaigns that allow your video to blend in with its surroundings. For instance, the latest installment of your branded web series about cooking will stick out like a sore thumb if it winds up on a sports news website, and you can pretty much guarantee that most of the people who see it won’t actively…

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  • The Ultimate Native Advertising Guide

    … with a fairly deep examination of what works in native, how to get started with campaigns and the best ways to measure success. From standard editorial copy to infographics and video (my speciality), we covered the format spectrum. Recognizing the increasing importance of mobile in consumers’ lives, we focused on the role of native mobile advertising…

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  • 3 Ways to Justify Your Native Video Budget

    … Almost every marketer and media buyer will tell you that native advertising is new terrain—the ones who claim to be experts either know something that the rest of the world doesn’t or have a secret ability to predict the future. Because native advertising—particularly native video—is so new, there are very few case studies or “success paths…

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  • A Foolproof Guide to Millennial-Friendly Video Marketing

    …; the company simply released this ad online, prior to the big game. Most important, it achieved its goal of generating brand awareness and driving views through multiple publications. The video tells the story of Newcastle’s company and product through the lens of comedy. Tasteful mockery, cuss words, and over-the-top absurdity are key drivers…

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  • Native Video and Pre-Roll: What’s Best for You?

    … Video is one of the newest areas of digital marketing, and if you’re planning a campaign, you might find yourself in territory that you haven’t yet explored. One of the first questions you’ll encounter is whether to run a native or pre-roll campaign. The answer, ultimately, depends on your marketing goals. The “best” marketing channel…

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