• “A toll every mile:” Time to pull back the curtain on pricing

    … by Justin Choi, Founder and CEO, Nativo This is the third in a series of columns in which Justin Choi shines light on the digital advertising ecosystem from different angles. Previously he focussed on “reach at all cost” mentality of advertisers and “fill at all cost” mentality of publishers. Today he looks at opaque pricing tactics of technology…

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  • How to save programmatic native from itself

    … by Justin Choi, CEO and Founder, Nativo In the first installment of this three-part series, I argued that programmatic has become problematic. As things stand today, it’s arguably failing to serve the long-term interests of publishers, advertisers, or consumers. The “reach at all cost” philosophy of programmatic buying is exacerbating many long…

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  • Click fraud, ad blockers and fake news: How programmatic became problematic

    … by Justin Choi, founder and CEO, Nativo If the programmatic advertising ecosystem were a terrarium, automation and data-driven audience targeting would be the fertile loam from which the promise of digital sprouts. Unfortunately, in today’s terrarium, healthy plants that represent “right person, right message, right time and place” are being…

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  • The native ad cheat sheet: What works and why

    … Advertisers now have many options when it comes to native. According to the IAB’s Native Advertising Playbook, the six most commonly used native ad formats include in-feed units, paid search, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, in-ad with native elements and custom, which includes endemic in-feed. Each execution is designed to help…

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  • Infographic: 4 steps on the path to more impactful native

    … Interested in more best practices? Check out our infographic on 5 native ad metrics and the benchmarks that tell you when it’s working. The post Infographic: 4 steps on the path to more impactful native appeared first on Digiday…

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