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  • Analysis: What Links Appear in the Web’s Best Navigation Bars?

    … One of the first things you do upon starting a new blog is create a navigation bar or menu. But what links should go in there? And, more importantly, do some links outperform others? I have spent a bit of time playing around with this myself and have been quite surprised at what works and what doesn’t. It is interesting…

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  • Your Email Navbar the GPS to Customer’s Online Destination

    … of your navbar links to see what results in the best conversion for your audiences. . Segmentation and your navigation bar Like Expedia, this Domino’s email also uses just four links in its navbar: Notice that the last link targets Domino’s Spanish-speaking customers. Obviously Domino’s market research revealed that this segment is important enough…

    Jordie Van Rijn/ GetResponse Blogin EMail- 27 readers -
  • Top of the Email to Ya – More Navigation Bar Savviness

    … the Life’”. Cool in this instance is that it is an extra call to action. The handwritten font with an arrow (the small one, the other one I added), and an icon make it all stand out and demand just that little bit of extra attention. Put some color in your messages. You can use color to draw attention to a certain area. This BBC Shop email…

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  • The Often Overlooked but All-Important Email Navigation bar

    … When you’re developing an email campaign, there are many elements to consider: the subject line, preheader, headline, images, offer, body copy, and call to action – to name a few. One item that is often overlooked, but very important, is the navigation bar at the top of the email. Which is why this blog post will focus on its importance! The goal…

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