Negative Reviews

  • The most effective ways to respond to negative reviews

    … business, you’re going to run into negative reviews. Fortunately, this doesn’t always have to be a bad thing – negative reviews can work in your favor as a business opportunity if you know how to react. Read below to learn the most effective ways to respond to negative online reviews. Stay positive Anyone who’s ever worked customer service knows how…

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  • Respond to Negative Reviews Online in 6 Steps

    … When you get a negative review online, it can feel like the worst thing that’s ever happened to your business. Any local business owner who’s earned a less-than-shining review online knows what happens next… you begin fighting the overwhelming urge to respond immediately and right the wrong you’ve been dealt. Note: In some instances, it [...] Read More... The post Respond to Negative Reviews Online in 6 Steps appeared first on Dex Media. …

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  • Information Generation: Reaching Millennials with a Data-Driven Approach

    …. This considers factors such as past purchasing behavior, the brands that are popular in that geographic market, competitive analysis and much more. That way, after a millennial researches the type of car he or she wants, we ensure that this vehicle is on the dealer’s lot so that they’re ready to make the sale when the millennial shows up. Millennials aren’t…

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  • Poor Customer Service is Hurting Your Marketing ROI

    … will not purchase from a company with negative reviews Tweet This!. To improve your customer service overally, JitBit recommends that companies improve the interaction between service employees and customers, provide better training to avoid incompetent staff, and provide a consistent experience across all customer service channels – that includes…

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  • Who Is Setting the Tone for Your Online Reputation?

    … Online reputation is a big subject that’s only getting bigger. We have already seen in the last few years that having lots of positive reviews and feedback around your business can encourage business… and that, conversely, even a single bad review can damage it (big time). With Google placing more and more trust in review sites, and local…

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  • How Bad Reviews Can Benefit Your Business

    … of the imagination, suggesting that you encourage, solicit, or manufacture bad reviews for your business. That would be crazy. All I’m saying is that, rather than sweat the occasional negative comment, you should take advantage of it and use it as an opportunity to show your customers just how awesome your business can be. A few negative reviews will lend…

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  • Living in Terror of Negative Reviews?

    … let’s elaborate on what you can do to protect your reputation. First, we’ll discuss how to handle negative reviews or mentions online. Blue Hat Marketing local SEO service recently shared their suggested process in How to Deal with Negative Reviews: Don’t become defensive Investigate internally Engage in open communication Find…

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  • Restaurant Offering Discount for Negative Yelp Reviews

    … to this rule. The study also suggests independent restaurants like Botto stand to gain the most from the widespread usage of Yelp. What’s interesting is while chain restaurants see a decrease in market share, people are posting creative and descriptive reviews though Yelp for independent businesses. The Harvard study also admits some reviews…

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