Negative Seo

  • The Top Five Ways to Defend Against Negative SEO

    … Negative SEO is real. It is possible to damage, if not destroy, a site through the use of malicious backlinks and aggressive backlink spamming. Negative SEO is a legitimate danger that can ruin a site’s revenue and cripple a business. But it is also possible to defend against it. If you are a victim of negative SEO, suspect negative SEO…

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  • Survival Knife Project Update! Making a Comeback From Negative SEO?

    … In early 2013, I kicked off with a webinar, what has now become known as Niche Site Project 1. This case study has been one of the most popular series of posts that I have ever done on my blog only rivaled in popularity by the second Niche Site Project here. I went through the process of finding keywords, picking a domain name (originally…

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  • Negative SEO From Links — What Can You Do If You’re Hit?

    … with good success. For any links that you can't get removed, disavow the links using the Google Disavow Tool and the Bing Disavow Tool. By doing this, you are asking Google and Bing not to take the links into account when assessing your site. If you've done as much work as you can to remove spammy or low-quality links from the web, and are unable…

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