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    • Full $185,000 refunds offered to risky new gTLD applicants

      ICANN is to offer applicants for three new gTLDs identified as too risky to go live full refunds of their application fees. Its board of directors acknowledged at its weekend retreat that it has no intention of delegating .corp, .home and .mail, and that each applicant should be able to get their entire $185,000 application fee back.

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    • Registries reject lower fees for anti-abuse prowess

      Registries have largely rejected a proposal for them to be offered financial incentives to lower the amount of abuse in their gTLDs. That’s despite the idea gaining broad support from governments, intellectual property interests and restricted-registration registries. The concept of ICANN offering discounted fees to registries that proactively fight abuse was floated by the ...

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    • Donuts may make .travel names easier to buy after acquiring its first legacy gTLD

      Donuts has added .travel to its swelling portfolio of gTLDs, under a deal with original registry Tralliance announced today. It’s the company’s first acquisition of a legacy, pre-2012 gTLD, and the first “community” gTLD to join its stable of strings, which now stands at 239. .travel went live in 2005, a part of ICANN’s 2003 round of “sponsored” TLD applications. As a sponsored TLD, .

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  • Economist would sue ICANN if it publishes private emails

    … Jones Day, rather than ICANN itself, that contracted with FTI. The FTI report cleared ICANN of all impropriety and said the EIU’s CPE process had been consistent across each of the gTLD applications it looked at. The full DIDP request and response can be found here. ICANN has yet to make a decision on .music, along with .gay, .hotel, .cpa, and .merck, all of which were affected by the CPE reviews. Tweet Tagged: .music, community, cpe, dotmusic, economist, eiu, fti, ICANN, new gTLDs …

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  • Famous Four chair pumps $5.4 million into AlpNames to settle COO lawsuit

    … insisted to the court that the documents were an honest mistake and their lawyer told DI that there was no “forgery” in the usual sense of the word. But it appears that Melvin’s split from the companies was less than friendly and the £3.9 million buyout should probably be viewed in that light. Tweet Tagged: acquisition, alpnames, Famous Four Media, lawsuit, new gTLDs …

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  • New gTLD revenue cut by HALF in ICANN budget

    … The new gTLD industry is performing terribly when compared to ICANN’s predictions just six months ago. ICANN budget documents published over the weekend show that by one measure new gTLDs are doing just 51% of the business ICANN thought they would. The new budget (pdf) shows that for the fiscal year 2018, which ends June 30, ICANN currently…

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  • Active new gTLD domains drop below 20 million

    … The number of domain names recorded in new gTLD zone files has dipped below 20 million for the first time in 18 months. The total crossed the milestone in the wrong direction January 1, according to DI’s records. As of today, there are 19.8 million domains in zone files, down from a peak of 26 million in March 2017. The count has gone down…

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  • .web closer to reality as antitrust probe ends

    … up its .com market dominance, such as by burying it without a trace. People clamoring to register .web domains may still have some time to wait, however. Rival applicant Donuts, via subsidiary Ruby Glen, still has a pending lawsuit against ICANN in California. Donuts had originally sued to prevent the .web auction going ahead in mid-2016, trying…

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  • New gTLD to increase prices 10x, add blockchain voting service

    … The new gTLD .voting is to suffer a steep price increase as its registry bakes a new “e-voting solution” into its offering. Valuetainment, the Germany-based registry, informed registrars of its decision recently. While I don’t know the exact figures involved, it appears the annual wholesale cost of a .voting domain will rise more than tenfold…

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  • How ICANN could spend its $240 million war chest

    … Schools, pHD students and standards groups could be among the beneficiaries of ICANN’s nearly quarter-billion-dollar new gTLD auction war chest. But new gTLD registries hoping for to dip into the fund for marketing support are probably shit out of luck. Those are among the preliminary conclusions of a volunteer working group that has been…

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  • .music and .gay possible in 2018 after probe finds no impropriety

    … of Community Priority Evaluations. CPEs, carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit, were a way for new gTLD applicants purporting to represent genuine communities to avoid expensive auctions with rival applicants. Some applicants that failed to meet the stringent “community” criteria imposed by the CPE process appealed their adverse decisions…

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  • Famous Four bosses gave “forged documents” to court

    … been due to kick off in October, but it’s been delayed due to the fact that a lot of evidence and testimony has to be reevaluated. Roache and Rasmussen had proposed to settle the case with a buy-out offer earlier this year, but that offer was rebuffed by Melvin, according to Dudley’s ruling. Famous Four runs 16 new gTLDs including .science…

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  • .mail, .home, .corp hopefuls could get exit plan in January

    … The twenty remaining applicants for the gTLDs .corp, .home and .mail could get the option to bow out with a full refund as early as January. The ICANN board of directors earlier this month discussed several options for how to treat the in-limbo applications, one of which was a refund. According to minutes of its December 13 meeting: Staff…

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  • .club is the bestest new gTLD, .club survey finds

    … .CLUB Domains has published the results of some research it commissioned into media mentions of new gTLDs that show .club coming out on top. It’s an interesting new way to compare the relative success of new gTLDs based on usage or eyeballs rather than registration volumes, even if the report has its flaws. In a blog post, .CLUB chief…

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  • ICANN, with $143 million budget, running out of cash

    … to put more pressure on the regular annual budget, leeching cash from other projects. Chalaby said that the board will discuss its options at its February 2018 workshop. Marby, meanwhile, said that a new budget will be out for public comment in mid-January. Tweet Tagged: budget, ICANN, new gTLDs …

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  • .kids auction is off

    … ICANN has postponed the planned auction of the .kid(s) gTLDs after an appeal from one of the applicants. The last-resort auction had been penciled in for January 25, and there was a December 8 deadline for the three participants to submit their info to the auctioneer. But DotKids Foundation, the shallowest-pocketed of the three, filed…

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