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    • Companies losing $10 BILLION by ignoring new gTLDs — report

      The world economy is “conservatively” losing out on almost $10 billion of annual revenue due to a lack of support for new gTLDs and internationalized domain names, according to an ICANN-commissioned research report. The report, conducted by Analysys Mason for the semi-independent Universal Acceptance Steering Group, calculated that patchy new gTLD support means $3.

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    • Mystery buyer pumps $500,000 into MMX gTLDs

      MMX has inked a deal to sell 90,000 domain names to a mystery buyer. The company formerly known as Minds + Machines today disclosed to the markets that the deal is worth $500,000 in the first year, and that the names will be registered at some point over the coming 12 months. CEO Toby Hall declined to identify the buyer or the gTLDs concerned, but told DI that it’s an end-u ...

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    • .club premium sales approaching $5 million

      .CLUB Domains sold half a million dollars worth of reserved premium names in the first quarter, bringing its cumulative to-date total to almost $5 million, the registry reported at the weekend. Q1 sales were $505,139, the company said, bringing its total since launch to $4,844,428. There were 475 premium sales in total, sold via auctions, registrars and aftermarket platforms, it said.

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  • Uniregistry to grandfather existing domains before big price increases

    … it plans to overhaul its premium names pricing by the end of the second quarter, scrapping the multi-tier pricing approach in favor of a one-size-fits-all menu. Schilling said that price reductions will affect “millions” of reserved names and mean “hundreds of millions” of dollars of hypothetical value have been wiped from the portfolio. Tweet Tagged: new gTLDs, pricing, uniregistry …

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  • China approves more Donuts, Afilias gTLDs

    … appears to be a monthly occurrence. In February, .ink and four Chinese-script TLDs passed the regulatory process, following .site and .shop in January and .vip, .club and .xyz in December. MIIT approval means the chance of usage by Chinese registrants should go up, but it also ties these Western registries to relatively Draconian government policies when it comes to Chinese registrations. Tweet Tagged: afiias, china, donuts, miit, new gTLDs …

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  • New gTLD registries want a $17 million ICANN rebate

    … Many gTLDs are performing more poorly than expected and their registries want some money back from ICANN to compensate. The Registries Stakeholder Group this week asked ICANN for a 75% credit on their quarterly fees, which they estimate would cost $16.875 million per year. The money would come from leftover new gTLD application fee money…

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  • .feedback gTLD in breach of contract after big brand “fraud” claims

    … ICANN has slapped .feedback operator Top Level Spectrum with a contract breach notice after a huge complaint about alleged fraud filed by a gang of big brands. The company becomes the third new gTLD to be hit by a breach notice, and the first to receive one as a result of losing a Public Interest Commitments Dispute Resolution Process case…

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  • Government anger over two-letter domains

    … ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee has clashed with its board of directors over the lack of protections for two-letter domain names that match country codes. The board has now formally been urged to reconsider its policy to allow registries to sell these names, after angry comments and threats from some GAC members. Governments from…

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  • Schilling: big price increases needed to keep new gTLDs alive

    …. It runs .cars, .car and .auto, where it sells every domain at $2,888 a year retail (with no reserved premiums) but has fewer than 500 names in each zone. Schilling said that in some ways he prefers this model to the more standard model of low-price base fees with high-price premiums. The higher prices will likely lead in the short term to lower…

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  • Donuts took down 11 domains for Hollywood last year

    … Content Regulation”, she argues that while Trusted Notifier may not by an ICANN policy, the organization has nevertheless “abetted the development and implementation of a potentially large-scale program of privately ordered online content regulation”. Tweet Tagged: copyright adrp, dna, donuts, ICANN, new gTLDs, pir, takedown, trusted notifier …

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  • India’s biggest bank switches to dot-brand

    … State Bank of India has announced plans to migrate all of its web sites to its new dot-brand gTLD. The company has been responsible for .sbi since it was delegated by ICANN last April, but is its first live domain name. Currently, while is live and resolving, the old domain appears to still be its primary address…

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  • Phishing in new gTLDs up 1,000% but .com still the worst

    … The .com domain is still the runaway leader TLD for phishing, with new gTLDs still being used for a tiny minority of attacks, according to new research. .com domains accounted for 51% of all phishing in 2016, despite only having 48% of the domains in the “general population”, according to the 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report from…

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  • Blah blah ICANN blah .africa blah delegated blah blah…

    … blah. Blah blah Geographic Names Panel blah blah controversy blah blah blah blah lawsuit blah blah blah leg to stand on. Registry Africa celebrates delegation of .africa#ForAfricansByAfricans #WeAreLive — dotAfrica (@africandomain) February 15, 2017 Blah racist blah blah conspiracy blah blah blah… nutty. Blah. Blah reporting blah damned blah story blah forever blah blah bored blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Tweet Tagged: africa, dca, delegation, dotconnectafrica, ICANN, new gTLDs, zacr …

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  • .africa to finally go live after judge denies injunction

    … an adverse decision or criticism is to double down and start screaming about conspiracies. While the injunction was denied, the lawsuit itself has not been thrown out, so there’s still plenty of time for more of that. You can read Halm’s ruling here (pdf). Tweet Tagged: africa, dca, donuts, dotconnectafrica, ICANN, lawsuit, new gTLDs, zacr …

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  • Antitrust feds probing Verisign’s .web deal

    … US antitrust authorities are investigating Verisign over its anticipated operation of the .web gTLD. The probe was disclosed by company CEO Jim Bidzos in yesterday’s fourth-quarter earnings call. He said: On January 18, 2017, the company received a Civil Investigative Demand from the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice…

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  • ISOC New York challenges Neustar’s .nyc contract

    …, and the fact that Whois privacy is banned from the gTLD. It’s not clear whether the letter will be able to achieve anything. It’s dated February 6, but states that the contract was due to be renewed January 31. Tweet Tagged: .nyc, isoc, isoc-ny, neustar, new gTLDs …

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  • .club financing option sees early traction with $150k sales

    … of the the first seven days of these programs compare favorably to other periods. In the fourth quarter of 2016, .CLUB said premium sales were $112,000. For the whole of 2016, the registry sold $941,000 of reserved premium names, making a total of $4.3 million since .club launched May 2014. Tweet Tagged: .club, .club domains, brokers, financing, new gTLDs, premium …

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