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    • New gTLDs blamed as .pl starts to shrink

      Polish ccTLD .pl has lost over 125,000 domains in the last year, a change of growth trajectory blamed partly on new gTLDs. NASK, the registry, released its third-quarter report in English today. It’s overflowing with more statistics than you could possibly need about the TLD’s performance. The headline is that .pl is on the decline.

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    • .kids auction is off

      ICANN has postponed the planned auction of the .kid(s) gTLDs after an appeal from one of the applicants. The last-resort auction had been penciled in for January 25, and there was a December 8 deadline for the three participants to submit their info to the auctioneer. But DotKids Foundation, the shallowest-pocketed of the three, filed a Request for Reconsideration last Wedn ...

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    • Amazon and Google to fight over .kids at auction

      Amazon, Google and a third applicant are scheduled to fight for control of the new gTLDs .kid or .kids at auction. It’s the first ICANN gTLD auction to be scheduled since a Verisign puppet paid $135 million for .web in July 2016. According to ICANN documentation, .kid and .kids will go to auction January 25, 2018.

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  • As .wed goes EBERO, did the first new gTLD just fail?

    … resort for failing gTLDs. A couple of unused dot-brands have previously switched to EBERO, but they were single-registrant spaces with no active domains. .wed, by contrast, had about 40 domains under management at the last count, some apparently belonging to actual third-party registrants. Under the standard new gTLD Registry Agreement, ICANN can…

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  • Numeric .xyz names plummet despite dollar deal

    …’s effort to sell over a billion numeric .xyz domains at just $0.65 each does not appear to be gaining traction. The number of qualifying domains in the .xyz zone file has plummeted by almost 200,000 since the deal was introduced and dipped by over 4,000 since the blanket discount went live. The $0.65 registry fee applies to what XYZ…

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  • DotKids doesn’t want .kids auction to go ahead

    One of the applicants for the .kids gTLD has asked ICANN to stop the planned last-resort auction. DotKids Foundation is competing with Amazon for .kids and, because the two strings were ruled confusingly similar, with Google’s application for the singular .kid. ICANN last month set a January 25 date for the three contenders to go to auction, having unfrozen DotKids’ applica ...

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  • China and cheapo TLDs drag down industry growth — CENTR

    … new names in .com. In fact, only five of the 17 legacy gTLDs experienced any growth at all, CENTR said. In the world of European ccTLDs, the average (median) growth rate has been flat, but CENTR says it sees signs of a turnaround. CENTR is the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries. Its Q3 report can be downloaded here (pdf). Tweet Tagged: cctlds, centr, growth, new gTLDs …

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  • Radix claims 77% renewal rates after two years

    … to general availability in the same two-month period July and August 2015. The renewal rates are for the first month of GA. In other words, 77% of the domains registered in the TLDs’ respective first month have been renewed for a third year. Radix, in a press release, compared the numbers favorably to .com and .net, which had a combined renewal rate…

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  • 59,000% revenue growth at Donuts leads to Deloitte award

    … themselves for consideration on the 500-strong table. They only needed 135% growth over three years to make it to the list. The rankings are based on revenue, not profit, so it does not necessarily mean that gTLDs are a way to get rich quick. Still, it’s impressive that something as dated as domain names could top the rankings, given the number of transformational technologies hitting the market every year. Tweet Tagged: deloitte, donuts, new gTLDs …

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  • “We own your name” government tells Amazon in explosive slapdown

    … to decided what is public policy, it is for the governments to decide,” Iran’s Kavouss Arasteh said. During a later session today the GAC, talking among itself, made little progress in deciding how to formally respond to the ICANN board’s resolution. A session between the GAC and the ICANN board on Tuesday is expected to be the next time the issue raises its increasingly ugly head. Tweet Tagged: abu dhabi, amazon, dot-brands, gac, ICANN, icann 60, irp, new gTLDs, peru …

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  • This is who won the .inc, .llc and .llp gTLD auctions

    … company nomenclature with more potential customers of lower net worth, went to Afilias. Dot Registry, MMX, Donuts, LLC Registry, Top Level Design, myLLC and Google were also in the .llc auction and have since withdrawn their applications. Tweet Tagged: .inc, .llc, .llp, afilias, auctions, donuts, dot registry, dotasia, gmo, google, ICANN, mmx, new gTLDs, nu dot co, uniregisty …

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  • Double-charging claims as registries ramp up new gTLD refund demands

    … revenue by introducing policies such as the ban on two-letter domains, increased trademark protections, and other government-requested restrictions that were introduced after application fees had already been paid. The tone of the letter is polite, but seems to mask an underlying resentment among registries that ICANN has not been giving them a fair chance to grow their businesses. Tweet Tagged: fees, gac, ICANN, new gTLDs, rebate, rysg, tmch …

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  • New gTLDs still a crappy choice for email — study

    … sites were 100% compliant for .com domains, the scores for new gTLDs are not great. There are currently over 800 TLDs over four characters in length, but according to the UASG research 22% of web sites will not recognize them. There are 150 IDN TLDs, but a maximum of 30% of sites will accept them in email addresses. When it comes to right-to-left…

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  • Millions spent as three more new gTLDs auctioned

    … Two or three new gTLDs have been sold in a private auction that may well have seen over $20 million spent. The strings .inc, .llc and (I think) .llp hit the block at some point this month. They are the first new gTLDs to be auctioned since Verisign paid $135 million for .web a little over a year ago. At this point, nobody wants to talk about…

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  • MMX revenue slips despite domain growth

    … million a year earlier. Revenue and billings were both down due to the lack of any big launches in the period; H1 2016 had benefited from the strong launch of .vip in China. Revenue, which is recognized over the duration of the domain registrations, was $5.3 million compared to $7.4 million in 2016. Billings, a measure of cash sales, were $5.6…

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  • More delay for Amazon as ICANN punts rejected gTLD

    … the Panel’s recommendation that the Board “promptly re-evaluate Amazon’s applications” and “make an objective and independent judgment regarding whether there are, in fact, well-founded, merits-based public policy reasons for denying Amazon’s applications,” and to provide options for the Board to consider in addressing the Panel’s recommendation…

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  • .xyz back on sale in China

    … Chinese registrars have started to carry .xyz domains again, about five months after a Chinese government ban. and are two of the China-based companies that appear to be selling .xyz names at the yuan equivalent of a US dollar, based on a spot check this morning. flagged the “restoration” of service on its blog today…

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  • Okay, pedants, only 36% of new gTLDs are shrinking

    … Thirty-six percent of non-brand new gTLDs are shrinking, DI analysis shows. According to numbers culled from zone files, 156 of the 435 commercial gTLDs we looked at had fewer domains yesterday than they did a year earlier. You: Wait, Kev, didn’t you write this exact same story yesterday, but said that 40% of new gTLDs were shrinking? Why…

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