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    • New gTLDs still a crappy choice for email — study

      New gTLDs may not be the best choice of domain for a primary email address, judging by new research. Over 20% of the most-popular web sites do not fully understand email addresses containing long TLDs, and Arabic email addresses are supported by fewer than one in 10 sites, a study by the Universal Acceptance Steering Group has found.

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    • Double-charging claims as registries ramp up new gTLD refund demands

      Registry operators have stepped up demands for ICANN to dip into its $100 million new gTLD cash pile to temporarily lower their “burdensome” accreditation fees. A new missive from the Registries Stakeholder Group to ICANN this week also introduces a remarkable claim that ICANN may have “double charged” new gTLD applications to the tune of potentially almost $10 million.

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    • More delay for Amazon as ICANN punts rejected gTLD

      Amazon is going to have to wait a bit longer to discover whether its 2012 application for the gTLD .amazon will remain rejected. ICANN’s board of directors at the weekend discussed whether to revive the application in light of the recent Independent Review Process panel ruling that the bid had been kicked out for no good reason.

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  • This is who won the .inc, .llc and .llp gTLD auctions

    … company nomenclature with more potential customers of lower net worth, went to Afilias. Dot Registry, MMX, Donuts, LLC Registry, Top Level Design, myLLC and Google were also in the .llc auction and have since withdrawn their applications. Tweet Tagged: .inc, .llc, .llp, afilias, auctions, donuts, dot registry, dotasia, gmo, google, ICANN, mmx, new gTLDs, nu dot co, uniregisty …

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  • Millions spent as three more new gTLDs auctioned

    … Two or three new gTLDs have been sold in a private auction that may well have seen over $20 million spent. The strings .inc, .llc and (I think) .llp hit the block at some point this month. They are the first new gTLDs to be auctioned since Verisign paid $135 million for .web a little over a year ago. At this point, nobody wants to talk about…

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  • MMX revenue slips despite domain growth

    … billings was greater than its operating expenditure for the first time, after cost-cutting. Domains under management went into seven figures for the first time, to 1.1 million. That was up from 821,000 at the start of the year. It processed 318,000 new registrations in the six months, compared to 452,000 a year earlier (when .vip’s launch provided a boost). Tweet Tagged: .vip, earnings, mmx, new gTLDs …

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  • .xyz back on sale in China

    … Chinese registrars have started to carry .xyz domains again, about five months after a Chinese government ban. and are two of the China-based companies that appear to be selling .xyz names at the yuan equivalent of a US dollar, based on a spot check this morning. flagged the “restoration” of service on its blog today…

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  • Okay, pedants, only 36% of new gTLDs are shrinking

    … Thirty-six percent of non-brand new gTLDs are shrinking, DI analysis shows. According to numbers culled from zone files, 156 of the 435 commercial gTLDs we looked at had fewer domains yesterday than they did a year earlier. You: Wait, Kev, didn’t you write this exact same story yesterday, but said that 40% of new gTLDs were shrinking? Why…

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  • Four in 10 new gTLDs are shrinking

    … Forty percent of non-brand new gTLDs are shrinking, DI analysis shows. According to numbers culled from registry reports, 172 of the 436 commercial gTLDs we looked at had fewer domains under management at the start of June than they did a year earlier. On the bright side, that means the majority of them are still growing, but it’s still…

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  • Will ICANN punt on .amazon again?

    … policy reasons to keep the gTLD available for possible future use by its own peoples. The string “Amazon”, among its many uses, is of course the name of a river and a rain forest that covers much of the South American continent. But the IRP panel decided that the ICANN board should have at least required the GAC to explain its public policy arguments…

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  • XYZ slashes $10 million a year from premium stash

    … has slashed the asking price of a few thousand “premium” .xyz domain names, in some cases by many thousands of dollars. Overall, it looks like the company has dropped prices by a total of $10.8 million. At the top end of its reserved list, several single and double-character domains previously priced a $55,000 per year have been…

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  • .CLUB nears profitability, talks renewals and “trial” domains

    … that the reason for the dip is that late 2015 saw many gTLDs (old and new, even including .com) benefit from a bump from the Chinese market. .CLUB’s top line was particularly exposed by some premium sales it made to Chinese investors during that growth spike. Premium sales have also been performing well in 2016, Campbell said, driven by the financing…

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  • No $17 million rebate for struggling new gTLDs

    … funds from the New gTLD Program applications fees. It seems for now the hundreds of new gTLDs with far fewer than 10,000 registrations in their zones are going to keep having to fork over $25,000 a year for the privilege. Tweet Tagged: ICANN, new gTLDs, rysg …

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  • GoDaddy’s reason for dumping Uniregistry doesn’t make a lot of sense

    … GoDaddy, as you may have read, has again decided to dump Uniregistry’s portfolio of TLDs, following wholesale price increases. But its explanation for the move — trying to provide its customers with a “great product experience” — doesn’t seem to tally with the way it has gone about implementing the change. The company confirmed this week…

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  • Google shifts 400,000 .site domains

    … Google has given away what is believed to be roughly 400,000 subdomains in Radix’s .site gTLD as part of a small business web site service. Since its launch a couple of months ago, the Google My Business web site builder offering has been offering small businesses a free one-page site with a free third-level domain under Google…

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  • HTC dumps its dot-brand

    … entered contracts over the last few years, to change its mind about owning a vanity gTLD. Most recently, fast food chain McDonalds and kitchen utensils company Pampered Chef both dumped their respective dot-brands. Like the previous terminations, HTC never actually did anything with .htc; it only had the contractually mandated in its zone file. Tweet Tagged: .htc, dot-brands, ICANN, new gTLDs, termination …

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  • EFF recommends against new gTLDs

    … support for .onion, the pseudo-TLD available only to users of the Tor browser and routing network, which the EFF is a long-term supporter of. The report makes TLD recommendations for “security against trademark bullies”, “security against identity theft and marketing”, “security against overseas speech regulators” and “security against copyright bullies…

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