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    • Phishing in new gTLDs up 1,000% but .com still the worst

      The .com domain is still the runaway leader TLD for phishing, with new gTLDs still being used for a tiny minority of attacks, according to new research. .com domains accounted for 51% of all phishing in 2016, despite only having 48% of the domains in the “general population”, according to the 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report from security outfit PhishLabs.

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    • ISOC New York challenges Neustar’s .nyc contract

      The New York chapter of the Internet Society has called upon the city to delay the renewal of Neustar’s contract to run the .nyc gTLD, citing numerous concerns about how it is being managed. In a letter (pdf) to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the group calls for a “town hall” and community consultation and for the city to “make appropriate adjustments” before the contract is renewed.

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  • India’s biggest bank switches to dot-brand

    …-Chinese bank, uses .bnpparibas for almost everything, particularly in its native France. It has three domains in the Alexa top 100,000 most-visited web sites. Others with dot-brands in use include Barclays and Citi. Tweet Tagged: banks, barclays, dot-brands, new gTLDs, sbi …

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  • Blah blah ICANN blah .africa blah delegated blah blah…

    … blah. Blah blah Geographic Names Panel blah blah controversy blah blah blah blah lawsuit blah blah blah leg to stand on. Registry Africa celebrates delegation of .africa#ForAfricansByAfricans #WeAreLive — dotAfrica (@africandomain) February 15, 2017 Blah racist blah blah conspiracy blah blah blah… nutty. Blah. Blah reporting blah damned blah story blah forever blah blah bored blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Tweet Tagged: africa, dca, delegation, dotconnectafrica, ICANN, new gTLDs, zacr …

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  • .africa to finally go live after judge denies injunction

    … an adverse decision or criticism is to double down and start screaming about conspiracies. While the injunction was denied, the lawsuit itself has not been thrown out, so there’s still plenty of time for more of that. You can read Halm’s ruling here (pdf). Tweet Tagged: africa, dca, donuts, dotconnectafrica, ICANN, lawsuit, new gTLDs, zacr …

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  • Antitrust feds probing Verisign’s .web deal

    … was launched in the dying days of the Obama administration, so the recent changing of the guard at Justice — Attorney General Jeff Sessions was confirmed by Congress just two days ago — may have an impact on how it plays out. Tweet Tagged: .web, afilias, antitrust, auction, doj, donuts, ICANN, ndc, new gTLDs, nu dot co, verisign …

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  • .club financing option sees early traction with $150k sales

    … .CLUB Domains said it has seen some early successes with its new 0% financing option, selling $150,000 worth of premium .club domains in its first week. The registry announced that it sold 39 premiums for a total of $149,480, and that 37 of those names were sold using the financing option. This option allows registrants to spread the cost…

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  • Rightside sells eNom to Tucows for $83.5m

    … Tucows is to become “the second largest registrar in the world” by acquiring eNom from Rightside, paying $83.5 million. The deal will give Tucows another 14.5 million domains under management and 28,000 resellers, giving it a total of 29 million DUM and 40,000 resellers. That DUM number, which appears to include ccTLDs, makes Tucows…

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  • The biggest dot-brand in the world has 50,000 domains, but are they legit?

    … of the term. I usually take “dot-brand” to mean any new gTLD that has Specification 13 — which allows registries to ignore ICANN policies such as the otherwise mandatory Sunrise period — in its Registry Agreement. There are 463 gTLDs that have Spec 13 so far. They’re being used to a greater or lesser extent by the respective registries to promote…

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  • .radio set for November launch, weird tiered pricing

    …, rather than my employer’s, in order to secure the lower price? Other registries, notably .sucks, have come under fire in the past for charging trademark owners higher fees. Isn’t basing pricing tiers on the legal status of the registrant pretty much the same thing? That perception could be reinforced by the angle the EBU is taking in its marketing…

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  • GMO and Radix secure Chinese gTLD approval

    … GMO Registry and Radix have won Chinese government approval for their respective new gTLDs .shop and .site. It’s the second batch of foreign new gTLDs to get the nod from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, following .vip, .club and .xyz in early December. They’re also the first two Asian registries from outside China…

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  • Donuts extends DPML Plus and delays price hike

    …, that amounted at the September launch to $1.26 per blocked domain per year, but Donuts’ portfolio has grown since then. Retail prices for the plain DPML are reportedly going up from $2,500 per string to $4,400 for a five-year block at one registrar when the price rise kicks in. That’s a 76% increase. Tweet Tagged: donuts, dpml, dpml plus, new gTLDs, trademarks …

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  • Mitsubishi pulls plug on dot-brand gTLD

    … two names ever appeared in the .mtpc space. It’s the 19th gTLD from the 2012 round to voluntarily self-terminate — or to allow ICANN to terminate it — after signing a Registry Agreement. All terminated gTLDs so far have been dot-brands. Mitsubishi also owns .mitsubishi. That dot-brand appeared earlier this year but also has not yet been put to use. Tweet Tagged: .mtpc, dot-brand, ICANN, mitsubishi, new gTLDs, termination …

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  • Donuts acquires stagnant .irish TLD

    …, which Donuts said closed last month, have not been disclosed. Donuts said it will migrate .irish to its own infrastructure March 1, 2017. All policies and protection mechanisms that apply to the rest of the 198-strong Donuts stables will be applied to .irish, the company said. Tweet Tagged: .irish, acquisition, donuts, dot-irish, new gTLDs …

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  • Donuts loses $22.5m .web lawsuit as judge rules gTLD applicants cannot sue

    … new post-transition rules. Donuts and ICANN are already in the Cooperative Engagement Process — the mediation phase that usually precedes an IRP — with regards .web. Second-placed bidder Afilias is also putting pressure on ICANN to overturn the results of the auction, resulting in a bit of a public bunfight with Verisign. TL;DR — don’t expect to be able to buy .web domains for quite a while to come. Tweet Tagged: .web, afilias, donuts, ICANN, lawsuit, ndc, new gTLDs, nu dot co, verisign …

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  • Amazon backtracks after pricing free Alexa list at over $900,000

    … Amazon has reversed, at least temporarily, its decision to yank its free list of the world’s most popular domains, after an outcry from researchers. The daily Alexa list, which contains the company’s estimate of the world’s top 1 million domains by traffic, suddenly disappeared late last week. The list was popular with researchers in fields…

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