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    • Donuts extends DPML Plus and delays price hike

      Donuts has delayed the price increases coming to its trademark-blocking service and extended availability of the “plus” version for three more months. Domain Protected Marks List Plus, which lets companies block brands and variations such as typos and brand+keywords across Donuts stable of 200ish TLDs, will now be available until March 31.

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    • GMO and Radix secure Chinese gTLD approval

      GMO Registry and Radix have won Chinese government approval for their respective new gTLDs .shop and .site. It’s the second batch of foreign new gTLDs to get the nod from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, following .vip, .club and .xyz in early December. They’re also the first two Asian registries from outside China to get the right to flog their doma ...

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    • Mitsubishi pulls plug on dot-brand gTLD

      Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi has told ICANN it no longer wishes to operate one of its dot-brand gTLDs. The company has filed a termination notice covering its .mtpc domain, which stands for Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation. The gTLD was delegated in February 2015, but Mitsubishi has never put it to use. Registry reports show only two names ever appeare ...

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  • Donuts acquires stagnant .irish TLD

    … Donuts has acquired the new gTLD .irish, which is struggling to gain volume after about 18 months on the market. The gTLD was applied for and operated by Dot-Irish LLC, a US company founded by Irish and Northern Irish entrepreneurs. Since going to general availability in June last year, it managed to grow its zone file to a peak of about…

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  • Donuts loses $22.5m .web lawsuit as judge rules gTLD applicants cannot sue

    … The promise not to sue ICANN that all new gTLD applicants made when they applied is legally enforceable, a California judge has ruled. Judge Percy Anderson on Monday threw out Donuts’ lawsuit against ICANN over the controversial $135 million .web auction, saying the “covenant not to sue bars Plaintiff’s entire action”. He wrote that he “does…

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  • Amazon backtracks after pricing free Alexa list at over $900,000

    … such as internet security. Because it was free, it was widely used. DI PRO uses the list every day to estimate the relative popularity of top-level domains. After deleting the list, Amazon directed users to its Amazon Web Services portal, which had started offering the same data priced at $0.0025 per URL. That’s not cheap. The cost of obtaining…

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  • Famous Four exec moves to CentralNic

    …Famous Four Media has lost its chief marketing officer to CentralNic. Andy Churley joined the London-based registry services provider as group marketing manager this month, according to press release. He’s been with FFM for the first few years of its entry into the gTLD game, overseeing the launches of cheap TLDs such as .science, .download […] Related posts: CentralNic to swell with $24m Instra buy CentralNic gets its foot in the door as Famous Four back-end CentralNic pays up to $7.5m for …

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  • .food goes live, and it’s a closed generic

    …. If .food winds up publishing content about food, such as recipes and healthy eating advice, I’d argue that it would go against the spirit of the rules on closed generics. It would be a bit like Apple getting .apple as a Spec 13 dot-brand and then using the gTLD to publish content about the fruit rather than computers. No sites are currently live in .food. Tweet Tagged: .food, closed generics, ICANN, lifestyle domain holdings, new gTLDs, scripps …

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  • GMO offers free SSL with .shop domains

    … it paid for .shop at auction any time soon. Upsell opportunities such as the SSL offer, assuming they get any uptake, may help accelerate its path to breakeven. Tweet Tagged: .shop, gmo registry, new gTLDs, ssl …

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  • Get ready for thousands of new two-letter domains

    … New gTLD registry operators have been given the right to start selling two-letter domains that match country codes. Potentially thousands of names could start being released next year, resulting in a windfall for registries and possible opportunities for investors. Some governments, however, appear to be unhappy with the move and how ICANN’s…

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  • “Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

    … said it has suspended a dozen domains — sites that were TLD-hopping to evade suspension — since the policy came into force. EFF’s Stoltz calls this kind of thing “shadow regulation”. “Shadow regulation to us is the regulation of content… through private agreements or through unaccountable means that were not developed through the bottom-up process…

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  • Governments mull greater geo gTLD powers

    … Governments are toying with the idea of asking ICANN for greater powers over gTLDs that match their geographic features. The names of rivers, mountains, forests and towns could be protected under ideas bandied around at the ICANN 57 meeting in India today. The Governmental Advisory Committee held a session this morning to discuss expanding…

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  • Should new gTLDs be first-come, first-served?

    … to FCFS — where any company could apply for any gTLD at any time — is not off the table. FCSC would not mean applicants would merely have to ask for a string and automatically be granted — there’d still be multiple phases of evaluation and opportunities for others to object, so it wouldn’t be just like registering a second-level domain. Depending…

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  • ICANN has $400m in the bank

    … ICANN ended its fiscal 2016 with just shy of $400 million on its balance sheet, according to its just-released financial report. As of June 30, the organization had assets of $399.6 million, up from $376.5 million a year earlier, the statement (pdf) says. Its revenue for the year was actually down, at $194.6 million in 2016 compared to $216.8…

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  • Radix acquires .fun gTLD from Warren Buffett

    … attractive. Radix business head Sandeep Ramchandani confirmed to DI today that .fun will be operated in a completely unrestricted manner, the same as its other gTLDs. It will be Radix’s first three-letter gTLD, Ramchandani said. It already runs zones such as .online, .site and .space. .fun is not yet delegated, but Radix is hoping for a December sunrise period, he said. Tweet Tagged: .fun, acquisitiion, ICANN, new gTLDs, oriental trading company, radix …

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  • Guess which registrars sell the most gTLDs

    … Tucows4109,782,941 COREhub409217,776 Crazy Domains405631,186 Network Solutions4016,555,354 1&1 Internet4005,845,447 GoDaddy.com39753,948,610 Soluciones Corporativas397128,998 PublicDomainRegistry.com3916,113,121 There’s no real correlation between the number of gTLDs carried and the total domains under management for the registrar. GoDaddy…

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